Why Do Many Cocaine Users Become Cocaine Dealers?

by The Devil's Dandruff
As a former cocaine addict, the information about cocaine that I'm sharing with you here is typical based on my own personal experience.

It Seems As Though Cocaine Has Almost Become Acceptable

Information about cocaine users becoming dealers
The majority of straight-goers that don't do cocaine and are oblivious to it in any way are indeed very fortunate, yet the truth is that cocaine addicts abusing this drug can be found all over Britain - and to be more specific, all over the world today.

In the United Kingdom, cocaine use has increased massively. It's not just in the big cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool; it in the small rural towns as well.

There is a cocaine dealer to be found even in some quiet and remote village pubs. And the reason that coke dealers are everywhere is simply due to the fact that the demand for this drug is everywhere.
Cocaine is one of the most desired commodities today and the market for cocaine is in some cases even greater than that of numerous corporate businesses. Understandably, the reason for the demand for this currently class 'A' drug is to make people feel good.

Even though it creates addiction to this drug very quickly, you might wonder if the addiction is also that of escaping the never-ending pressures of today’s hectic life. We are now living in the 21st century and are supposed to be more civilised than at any other time during the history of mankind - and yet there are wars and killings currently going on all over the world.

There is so much abundance of everything that is good; abundance of wealth, food and material things and yet there are men, women and children that sadly live in shacks; that are starving hungry. There is extreme wealth on one side and then there is also extreme poverty on the other side.

We turn on our TVs only to watch the news (or should I say, "the bad news") where we see terrible things going on all over the globe. The same with the newspapers and the media. They are filling our heads with a virus. This virus is called, "fear"! They make us fear for our jobs, our homes and our future. We get out of bed to face yet another day in a rat race. Commuters pushing and shoving to make sure they get a seat on the trains and buses. No one has any time for politeness anymore – all about money, money money! And yet we need it to keep our heads above water.

Pressures of Life Creates A Need To Escape Reality

Early man at one time would have the job of hunting for their daily food each day but in today's world we hunt for 'money'. Without it we are cattle trucked (fucked). A person's life (as well as their family's that rely on the breadwinner) can be turned upside-down by losing their job any day. It seems that no job is permanent or safe. We have to toe-the-line if we want to keep our jobs because there are queues of unemployed people that will jump in there to take our jobs (as bad as they might seem) in heartbeat - and employers know this.

Is it any wonder that people need an outlet come the weekend? No wonder we get addicted to alcohol, gambling, porn and drugs. Cocaine does what people require; that is the desire for pleasure and the need to avoid pain. Most people hate their J.O.B. They can't wait to finish at the end of the day and can't get to the end of the week quick enough and get out of the nuts to escape the reality of their miserable and hard lives that seem to be about toil and hardship. A life that for many, that is indeed lucky to break even at the end of the month after paying out their hard-earned money on bills and expenses needed to survive in this life.

The problem is that humans as a species can quickly become addicted to things, whether it be a TV soap drama, sex and/or drugs to name only a few. The problem with cocaine is that it creates a euphoric feeling that enables us to feel good, more energetic and happy – but only lasts about 20 minutes before we need another line.

It's not long before we're addicted to Charlie and need to snort a whole wrap as a line to get us up there. This is when cocaine addiction gets out of control and eats away our finances quicker than we can ever make money. It's just a short matter of time before we are in debt and financially destitute – unless we can wilfully find a way to escape this life-destroying menace.

Even if we are fortunate enough to be able to afford doing several grams of cocaine each day, we have to pay the price. That price is certainly one of extreme harm to our health. Then there are the psychological effects that mess with our thinking processes. We become disinterested in the things we once took pleasure in. We can become inhibited and paranoid. It can easily get to the point whereby we are never conscious of our day-to-day reality and certainly adversely affects our relationships.

I see that in almost all cases of cocaine abuse, that cocaine users literally become complacent and can actually forget that this drug is illegal. I see many coke users not even bothering to go into the toilet to have a line anymore. In many pubs in central London that I once frequented can be found users opening up their coke wrap and pinching it up their noses almost as if it was legal!

I hear coke dealers referring to selling Charlie as "going to work". There are those that don't even refer to it as 'cocaine' - they use the term 'product'. It's just a way for the coke dealer to make them money. Making a profit while creating habitual drug addicts, so that they can further profit from them for as long as they can, without any thought of how they are destroying their lives.

Information About Cocaine and What Dealers Mix It With

Information Why Users Can Quickly Become Cocaine Dealers?

Believe it or not, almost all cocaine users will at some time during their addiction will have a go at trying to sell cocaine. The reason is very simple - they can't afford their coke habit! Once it gets a grip on you - you're hooked. You just have to have it. It gets to the point that it becomes an all-consuming and predominant desire. It gets to be all we think and talk about. Our coke buddies all talk about who's got the best gear right now. About the wicked Charlie that so and so is selling.

Once we become habitual cocaine users, we see our money leaving our pockets quicker than we can ever find ways of making it. But we still have to have our cocaine.

Here's a typical example of how a coke user will realise that he/she is spending at least £150.00 on it in one night’s session and will have to rethink about what it's costing them, and so then decides to buy a Henry (Henry the Eighth = 1/8th of an ounce or 3 1/2 grams) of coke to sell so as to pay for theirs. Before they go out for the night, they might normally only intend only get a couple of half gram wraps - even though they know they are lying to themselves. That's why they take out more money with them or end up getting it on bail (known as light-ale or getting it on tick).

But during the night they go beyond the two half gram wraps and buy another two and finally buy another two. So they think that if they are going to do that, it will cost them approximately 150 quid. So they call on an eighth of Charlie in one lump. It will be damaged beforehand but maybe slightly less stepped-on than if they bought it in half gram wraps. In other words, there will possibly be room to cut it slightly.

Next, they bash it (cut it) with something like babies teething powder (which can be bought over the counter) by as much as 100% making the total weight now 7 grams. (A farmer's daughter - a 'quarter' of an ounce of seriously stepped on shite). Then they split it in half and keep one half for their personal use and spit the other 3 1/2 grams of shite into maybe 9 wraps of almost 0.4 grams each, which they insanely believe that they will sell each wrap at about £20 each making them back £180.

The madness is that almost everyone else is doing it. Other regular cocaine users quickly get savvy to it and are also doing the same. They get to know what is entirely crap and what is better coke - so selling it to them is like trying to sell snow to Eskimos. So you can guess what happens almost all the time...

They end up taking it home and snorting the now 'cut-to-death' Charlie themselves.

There are those that will buy a bigger parcel (like maybe half an ounce) and it will be better quality and can therefore be cut enough to make a profit and yet leave it so that it is still acceptable pub-sniff. But it is rare that this person will maintain any degree of willpower and will normally end up becoming even more addicted and will just end up getting more addicted as well as into more debt.

Before I end this post, here's a true example of why at one time I believed that I wanted to quit my cocaine habit: I once went for counselling for my cocaine addiction about 15 years ago.

I’d see this guy once every Wednesday and we’d go through the session not really feeling any better after the session. After about 3 months of this, I turned up on this Wednesday afternoon to find my drug counsellor quite joyful as he finally made a breakthrough regarding my cocaine addiction.

Here’s what he said, “I know what your ‘real’ problem is regarding your cocaine addiction – the problem is that you don’t really want to quit using coke; the truth is that you just can’t afford it anymore”.

Well, you know what; he was absolutely right! I was kidding myself by going to see him every week. It was a way of kidding myself that I wanted to quit, when the real reason was that I couldn’t afford it anymore!

It becomes a vicious circle and I never saw a good ending to anyone that started using cocaine that didn't end up bang in trouble. Best to steer clear of this life-destroying drug 'cocaine'!

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