The Ugly Truth About Cocaine Effects and Risks When Mixed With Alcohol

by The Devil's Dandruff
Drunken, Cocaine-Fuelled Street Fighting
It's really important that you understand the adverse cocaine effects and risks when mixing the drug with alcohol.

Those of you that have been using cocaine for some time and frequent your local pubs may have recognised that by taking cocaine all night, that it tends to keep you above your booze or in other words - keeps you sober. So, cocaine users will drink more and more without getting drunk.

Had they not been shovelling all that coke up their schnozzles all night and only drinking alcohol, then they would not be able to drink such amounts of alcohol and stay sober.

It's ONLY the coke that keeps them above their booze.

Assault - Wounding - Affray

Drug Test Showed that 41% of violent crimes were by cocaine or crack users made worse when mixed with alcohol!

What I have personally witnessed countless times is the onset of violence that always kicks off when the dealers run out and there's no more Charlie.

That's when the cocaine begins to rapidly wear off and the booze sets in doubly fast. Most people will know that there are those that will always become violent and disruptive when they drink alcohol and get drunk. You can see it at weekends especially.

Example Outcomes of When Violent Drunks Use Cocaine

So, what happens when these people that normally get nasty with alcohol alone have been taking cocaine all night and then it suddenly runs out and the effects of massive amounts of alcohol they've consumed sets in? Well I can tell you that I have seen blood baths. People getting ripped and slashed to bits - and all over bollocks! They get paranoid to fuck and think people are eyeballing them or talking about them. They see and hear thinks totally different - in a negative way.

I used to see it every weekend in one of the local pubs that always had afters (open after hours). The pub would stay open ALL NIGHT. The publicans didn't mind because they were raking bundles of money and so weren't bothered about all those doing cocaine. Out of the hundreds of people in the pub, nigh on all of them were on the oats ('Oats and Barley' = Charlie).

I used to watch the way things were progressing during the night and always had my wits about me. I'd see that it was gonna kick off, as you could feel the tension building as the Nicky Lauda (Powder) got scarce and run out. That's the time I would usually leave the pub. And 'as sure as eyes are winking', I would hear the next day that 'so and so' had been plunged and/or worse still at times, that someone had been knifed and killed.

It's crazy because when these people set out earlier that night to have a good time, that they had no idea of the risks that they were taking by indulging and socialising with other users of cocaine. Besides the fact that cocaine dealers mix the drug with all kinds of shit, it's no wonder that it affects and adversely alters the way they think. They have no idea what they're snorting. Cocaine cut with all kinds of other mind-altering drugs and chemicals. Just about anything that makes more money for the coke dealer.

Add all that with the gallons of booze poured down their scrags and it's obvious that these people are gonna go wonky.

Cocaine and Alcohol Effects - Cardiology Project

Violence, Booze and Cocaine Go Hand-in-Hand!

There was another pub that I used to use (until it got shut down) where a little firm used to use most nights. This mob were big-time cocaine dealers in the East End of London and one of the main guys would use one of his minions to carry the tools (a bag of knives). For that, he'd get free Charlie and booze all night. Obviously had no thought of how much bird he'd get if caught with them!

It was madness! People going out for glass of beer and a bit of fun at the end of the week with no idea of the risks that they were in by being in a pub where a certain crowd were armed with these weapons and ready to rip and slash some unsuspecting victim. And the victim would always be someone who couldn't hold his hands up or had any backing. This mob always selected their victims. It's the way they get their reputation.

There was a recent post about Johnny Depp being violent as he was fuelled with cocaine and alcohol. Johnny Depp’s spouse, Amber Heard is taking him to court stating that she is a victim of domestic abuse due to Johnny's booze and cocaine binges after wrapping up another movie.

Personally, I have no idea if it's true or not - but I do know that coke and liquor can and does result in violence. And for what I have been witness to in the past, I saw that there are those that are generally peace-loving people, that normally just get high and happy - whereas those that are known to be generally aggressive or bullyish are more likely to be violent when mixing alcohol with coke, as Charlie and booze tends to accentuate a person's innate character.

Where I come from, many people who socialise with others that use cocaine tend to look up to cocaine dealers and the way they drive their flashy cars, have wads of money and are part of a naughty firm. We see our young teenagers wanting to imitate them. I recall overhearing a couple of fourteen-year-old boys talking about getting hooked-up with a dealer to sell drugs. It seems like they get respect from others if they have a rep for slashing others with a Stanley knife. In all honesty - it's more like fear than respect!

Another important cocaine risk is that by mixing cocaine with alcohol, it creates another chemical called, "cocaethylene", which over time, accumulates in the liver and thus causes serious health issues as well as other long-term harmful effects. Cocaethylene has also be the blame for many heart attacks for cocaine users under the age of forty.

Peter Fay, Manchester's chief constable has seen a growing occurrence of people combining cocaine with alcohol. He states that it creates a large amount of angry and agitated young males. He says that all of us really need to learn the reason why because a handful of these adolescent men are happy to to use violence to the extreme and worse still - for no good reason. Although drinking alcohol can be a big factor in generating anger and violence, combining both alcohol and cocaine is becoming a real worry.

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