The Unstoppable Cocaine Trade Turns Humans Into Evil Demons

by The Devil's Dandruff

WARNING: Very Disturbing Graphic Beheading

(These Images are NOT for the Faint-Hearted!)


We take no responsibility for harm, distress or other caused by these horrific images.
These disturbing images are specifically to show people that if you purchase cocaine, that in one way or another, knowingly or unknowingly you are helping to fund this kind of violence and murder!

The Horrific Violence Behind The Cocaine Trade

Executions and Decapitations by Cocaine Gangs
The unseen world that is oblivious to people using cocaine while believing that this pastime social activity is basically harmless needs to be made more aware of.

It is estimated that the yearly drug industry is worth more than £270 Billion (or $350 US dollars) and cocaine is at the very centre of it.

Roberto Saviano (who lives secretly under the protection of the police) has revealed in detail the appalling brutal violence used to maintain order and tells of the complicated systems of how cocaine drug lords manage to wash their dirty money.
His life is now like that of being practically a prisoner (although he doesn't actually live in jail) he is constantly surrounded by bodyguards in Italy. Everything he does has to be coordinated beforehand and says his life is one that is without 'chance'! He believes that the only way to solve this world cocaine problem is to make it legal!

After the downfall of the Cali and Medellin cartels in Columbia (which used to be the focal point and headquarters for trafficking cocaine), this ever-increasing position was taken over by Mexico from the 1990's - and today has become the very centre of this worldwide drug industry.

The Mexicans are now the leading suppliers of cocaine in America (that uses 25% of the world's coke), as opposed to just being basic couriers of the drug for the Colombians in the past. Mexico now dominates cocaine trafficking globally.

Why Is Drug Baron 'El Chapo' Viewed By Many As Mexico's Hero?

Narcos, just such as El Chapo (Joaquin Guzman) provides work for people that live in a country where jobs are in short supply and also offers them protection in place of the State. These Narcos are named after Robin Hood as they are said to ‘relieve the rich of their money and provide for the poor’.

El Chapo, who is among the world's wealthiest men is seen in the eyes of poor Mexican people, as 'one of their own', that rose from poverty from originally being a simple farmer's son.

An organisation known as, 'The Sinaloa Cartel' is responsible for 25% of cocaine that gets in to the US. He has triumphed by laundering many billions of US dollars using European and American banking institutions, while being the boss of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel.
Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzmán
El Chapo is also held in high regard by the people of Mexico (much to the ridicule of the Mexican State), as he is renowned for escaping twice from two of their highest security prisons.

Gang Wars and Grotesque Murders Go

Hand-In-Hand with The Cocaine Business...

Violence, torture and murder go hand-in-hand with today's cocaine trade and in Mexico, drug wars are accepted as normal, everyday life. It has got to the point whereby the most cruelest acts of torture and murder are designed to be an exhibit for the mass media for all to see.

Los Zetas takes this form of extreme violence to a whole new level and see that their success requires that they need to record their handy work and then upload these videos to Youtube - showing how they decapitate, torture, slaughter and kill their victims as part of their unique signature.

They make it a point to totally humiliate their victims as a prewarning to others. One common way of humiliating them is by slicing off the victim’s genitals and stuffing them into the victim's mouth. They have even gone so far as to cut off a person's face and stitch it onto a football.

The following image was taken from a live video that

I accidentally stumbled on,

while researching cocaine related violence!

We take no responsibility for harm, distress or other caused by these horrific images.
These disturbing images are specifically to show people that if you purchase cocaine, that in one way or another, knowingly or unknowingly you are helping to fund this kind of violence and murder!
Woman Being beheaded by Los Zitas
This violence is diluted as it reaches the end cocaine user but those that don't pay up or grass on dealers and get discovered will inevitably be hurt in a bad way. I've seen several people have their faces slashed wide open with Stanley knives. Others have simply been 'switched off'. The usual local drug dealers are normally a part of a firm that when necessary - get together to tune-up another smaller firm or certain individuals.

For what I've seen, many of these cocaine dealers are cowards and wouldn't be able to rip and slash their victims by themselves. They make it known to all, that they are firm-handed and so most people that don't have any kind of backing or protection tend to bow down to these low-life bully cowards.

Some of the scumbag moves they pull are shameful! I remember one guy who ran a pub in the East End of London and became heavily addicted to cocaine and got involved with the local coke firm that used his pub. They became what he thought was 'friends' but all they were doing was sucking him in and preparing to set him up.

This publican owned an apartment in Spain and so the plan was to get the publican to stash about 40 kilos of puff in his gaff. A few days later, they took him out for splosh-up and during that night out, they had a few of their pals rob his gaff and steal the stash. To cut a long story short, they told him he had to pay for it or else. He didn't have the money to pay them and so they took his apartment in Spain instead – which is what they wanted in the first place!

This kind of thing is not as uncommon as people might think. I was so glad to move away from these kinds of slags as not one of them could be trusted. They all talked about 'this grass' and 'that grass', while all the time there were cocaine dealers that got spun and nicked by the Old Bill. Several of these so-called 'stand-up' guys would ‘lolly’ on other coke dealers. The Old Bill would let them go and forever be doing a trade with these rats.

Another little move they'd do, was to listen in on receivers to drug dealers that were talking on their mobiles. They’d wait for the dealer to leave his 'mix' and rob him. Usually, it would often be people that they were doing a trade with.

More’s the pity, I’ve been in company with people doing Charlie and while they were coked-up and boozed up would let slip that if they were to get captured by the police, that they'd name names. I couldn't get away from these rats quick enough. Anyone who is stupid enough to trust anyone in the cocaine game (or any criminal activity) - needs to wake up and smell the bullshit, as most would roll-over on them to save their own arses in a heartbeat.

Years ago, there used to be a code of honour and the East-Enders had rules – but alas, those days are long gone!

I'll never forget the words my uncle told me when I was 17 years old...

He told me, "There's no more honour among thieves - it's only thieves amongst thieves”. And sadly, he was right!

By the way, it might come as a surprise to you that there are many legal substances that are equally - if not more addictive than cocaine!

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