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Whether you use cocaine or not, the more you know about cocaine the better, as it might help you or a family member who may have a cocaine dependency problem and so could help to understand exactly what it is and how it affects people. The following facts give a broad perspective on this world-wide illegal drug and at worst, might make for an interesting reading.
Cocaine Facts
  • Cocaine is native to South American countries such as Columbia, Bolivia and Peru, which is extracted from leaves of a coca plant. Columbia supplies the majority of cocaine required by the United States.
  • There are two standard types in which cocaine comes as - crystalline and power. Crack cocaine is in the form of a crystal rock and is also known as freebase. Is has been washed to remove any impurities or other substances to become pure cocaine. They normally use bicarbonate of soda/baking soda to wash it. This is then smoked by the user.
  • Research showed that there are roughly more than 2 million frequent cocaine users in the America and shockingly revealed that approximately 40 million Americans of age 12 years and above had in fact experimented with cocaine at least one time. More than 700,000 users of cocaine freebase.
  • Each day, approximately 2,500 people in American experience cocaine for the very first time - according to drug enforcement agency officers.
  • Cocaine is a global epidemic that is increasing all the time but marijuana currently leads as the most used illegal substance at this time. However, the deaths caused by cocaine abuse are triple that of any other unlawful street drug. You might be alarmed by the fact that more people die through abuse of prescribed drugs than they now do from cocaine abuse!
  • There are three ways that cocaine is commonly used. By snorting cocaine in powder form (cocaine hydrochloride), in the veins using a syringe or by smoking it as crack. Other less common ways of using cocaine (or at least not done in public) is by inserting it into the other orifices in the lower parts of the body for prolonged sexual activities or enjoyment.
  • Nerve cells within our brains emit a chemical called 'dopamine' each time we take cocaine. This chemical is linked with alertness and 'feeling good'. As far as neurological stimulants go, cocaine is probably the most powerful. The feeling of euphoria continues to last as long as the dopamine remains active. Increased body temperature, heartbeat, blood circulation as well as narrowed blood vessels are some of the physical effects. Paranoia can also be construed to having greater alertness, which is at times experienced once the drug takes effect and is often accompanied by a feeling of power and greater self-confidence.
  • In 1859, natural cocaine was first taken from coca plant leaves in France and added to wine then subsequently distributed in 1863 as an enriched wine.
  • The first operation that involved using cocaine for an anaesthetic was carried out in 1884 by a distinguished American surgeon, William Halsted who was crowned the first medical professional on record to become addicted to the drug.
  • Ever since the introduction of safer medicines, cocaine is no longer used for an anesthetic (as was formerly used in nose, throat and eye procedures) in the United States in the 1880's.
  • From 1990, there were five medication products being sold in America as remedies for all kinds of health issues, such as asthma, hemorrhoids, tooth ache and even Hay Fever, which had enormous volumes of cocaine in them and amazingly sold for less than $3.00.
  • The refined substance extracted from the coca plant leaf, is also known as cocaine hydrochloride and had been the primary live compound in a number of different elixirs and tonics manufactured for an assortment of health problems in the earlier 1900's. One supplement, known as 'Tucker’s Asthma Specific', consisted of approximately 420 mg of pure cocaine for every ounce of their remedy.
  • Sigmund Freud (a distinguished Psychoanalyst) was very much, a renowned supporter of cocaine. After using cocaine initially in 1884, he advocated it as a helpful approach for depressive disorders, alcohol dependency, as well as addiction to morphine.
  • A celebrated 19th-century well-written personality Sherlock Holmes was said to use cocaine regularly and in the tales by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he is frequently reported to partake in using cocaine whenever there were no cases found to challenge or stimulate his thoughts.
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More True Facts About Cocaine That May Shock You!

  • In 1914, the Harrison Act first restricted cocaine under federal law. The very same penalties that were in place for using or possessing morphine, heroine and opium for non-medical use were now also enforced for using or being in possession of cocaine. The use of cocaine decreased drastically immediately after it had been banned until the 1960's when it made a come-back. Later in the 1970's and 1980's, cocaine became very popular once again and was generally used by America's upper and middle classes.
  • Those that were both younger and poorer were to become the victims of crack cocaine addiction, as it hit the scene and was an instant smash hit with them in the mid 1980's, due to the fact that it got them high very quickly and was available at a significantly lower cost. The typical method of using crack is by way of heating it in a glass pipe and then smoking the vapours that are released.
  • By smoking crack cocaine, it gets into the user's blood supply a lot quicker and thus causes the user to get high twice a s fast as by snorting it. Apart from the harm it does to one’s health, the 'come-down' or 'crash' is much more intense.
  • In order for the cocaine dealer to make higher profits, they almost always dilute the drug (usually known as stepping on it, cutting it or treading on it). There are way too many chemical additives to mention here that are used by drug dealers to cut the cocaine, especially as many drug dealers will use almost anything they can get their hands on for cheap - but to list just a few common less harmful ones - they are: glucose, lactose powder, baby teething powder and antihistamines.
  • Speed is one of the more common drugs that is mixed with cocaine which causes the user to talk non-stop (and usually a lot of old bollocks as well - better known as 'toilet talk')! They also get what's known as 'cocaine jaw', where they move their jaw from side to side constantly.
  • Later in another post I will list the dangerous drugs that are also now being commonly used to cut cocaine. After reading what the drug dealers use, cocaine users will need to think twice before ever shoving what they believe to be 'cocaine' up their noses again because dealers are mixing the drug with other very dangerous and harmful drugs such as ketamine (which is a horse tranquilizer)!
  • In the United States, the average cost for one gram of uncut cocaine is approximately $80 to $100, whereas a single rock (crack cocaine) will typically cost $10 and $25. In the UK, the price for a gram of cocaine is between £40 and £50 (which is cut to death and usually contains as much as 20% actual cocaine with the rest being the 'cut'). Also, the 'wraps' of cocaine that you buy are nearly always under-weight by at least one point of a gram! It truly amazes me why anyone with any sense would part with their money to buy that shite. It's madness!
  • In 2007, there were approximately 95% of cocaine related court cases of which most were for drug trafficking and almost 12,000 of them were sentenced to jail time. It's strange that for all the corruption that goes on in America, that cocaine is a zero-tolerance crime. Of course, if they happen to be wealthy, or a celebrity of some kind - then the law doesn't apply to the wealthy and judges treat the wealthy with understanding and leniency!
  • Every year in the United States, there are in excess of 400,000 new-borns that are born dependent on cocaine. Apart from an increase of spontaneous abortion - when women use cocaine whilst pregnant the babies are usually born under-weight, prematurely as well as a having a greater chance of suffering from brain damage.
  • It is said that living wild and dangerously is what taking cocaine is associated to and therefore men are said to be more inclined to use the drug than women but in my experience, I see that the gap between them is decreasing to the point that they are now about the same. I also see that there is no upper age limit either.
  • Most cocaine users that I have known would not consider for a second going out to socialise without first budgeting for and setting aside the money for their cocaine before finding money for alcohol or anything else.
  • Cocaine has an effect on guys quicker compared with women but additionally express increased periods of elation as well as extremely bad feelings when coming down as the properties of the drug wears off.
  • Most users don't realise that the mixture of cocaine together with alcohol turns into coca ethylene and thus causes more fatalities compared with mixing together any other drugs, as the mixture of the two become toxic and have a longer duration impact on the brain. By mixing alcohol and cocaine, a user increases the chance of death by 25 times more! Typically, around 30% to 60% of cocaine users mix alcohol with cocaine. In the US, almost 75% of cocaine users die due to combining these two together.
  • Fatalities linked to cocaine abuse are about one third, mainly due to the actual effects of the composition and properties of this drug alone. Many cocaine-related deaths are brought about by murder, suicide as well as motor car crashes due to the way the mind is altered by the drug. In America, 31% of trips to the accident and emergency hospital department for reasons related specifically for drugs abuse is for cocaine overdose.
  • Statistics show that around 10% of individuals that start taking cocaine will surely go on to become major, long-term cocaine addicts.
  • It's a fact that people that use cocaine are apt to have increased levels associated with anti-social dysfunction, depressive disorders, anxiousness, as well as multiple drug abuse issues compared to the overall population!
  • Based on research, trace levels of cocaine were found to be present on 4 from every 5 dollar bills that are presently in general circulation. Nevertheless, due to the fact that cocaine hydrochloride is usually ground into fine powder form and can easily contaminate other bills without difficulty, the presence of this substance does not automatically imply the actual bill had been used to snort cocaine.