Reasons Why People Use Cocaine Even Though It’s Probably Fake

by The Devil's Dandruff

Most People That Use Cocaine Really Don't Know

What They're Shoving Up Their Noses

Is your cocaine real or fake?
The subject of why anyone would want to use cocaine even though it is illegal, highly addictive, costly and harmful is a topic that has many questions and answers.

This post will provide many reasons for taking cocaine and also takes a look at what the adverse effects are when used by typical regular users of this highly desired social street drug.

So, why do people use cocaine even though the desired effects are short- lasting and also expensive?

Cocaine can have different effects on individuals. For many, cocaine can be an enjoyable drug on its own, while others like to combine cocaine with alcohol. When coke is mixed with alcohol (as many users do) it allows people to drink more without getting sloppy drunk and can help to continue the euphoric effects of the drug. But saying that, by mixing coke and alcohol, it creates Cocaethylene, which is harmful to our health
Some believe that using cocaine can help them to focus and provide them more energy to do their work and studying. Many young coke users simply like to hang out with their friends and feel 'good'. Most young student-types prefer to use amphetamines when partying or going to a night club, as cocaine becomes way too expensive to keep them going throughout a long night.

One of the things that I’ve witnessed countless times is the very fact that the substance that some coke users ‘believe’ to be cocaine – is in truth, snide gear (jank, fake) and they believe that it’s making them ‘feel good’ – when all they are experiencing is just a ‘placebo effect’!

What About The Inevitable Downside To Using Cocaine?

Real cocaine actually makes people feel good. The problem is that is so 'moreish' and the way that it affects just about everyone is that the effect tends to last less after each line, so the user needs to take hits ever more frequently until it gets to the point that it's no longer having that nice, euphoric feeling.

It gets to the point that the body feels totally wrecked. The effect in the brain no longer feels good. It turns from feeling nice to feeling horrible. But the crazy thing is, that while on the current coke session - your brain is still telling you that you want more!

The craving is so bad that while in this state, the user will do almost anything to get more. They will start making phone calls to any and all the dealers that they know. Even if a dealer is renowned for selling crap cocaine - they will still try to get it from them. If they run out of cash, they will make all kinds of promises to the dealer in order to get a fresh delivery of Charlie. They'll go crazy and call on as much as they can get - knowing full well that they are lying and haven't got the money to pay them the following day.

When they eventually crash-out and wake up the following day after their crazy coke binge - they will usually turn off their phones to avoid speaking with their coke dealers - who now want their money. This is typical behaviour. That’s where the saying comes from, "who wants to pay for yesterday's buzz?"

I've witness cocaine dealers walking into the coke users home and walking out with their TV's, their Hi-Fi systems and anything else they can grab to pay for what the user owes them. I've lost count of those that have been beaten and hospitalised due to the fact that cannot pay their coke bill.

Then, there is the unseen, dark-side that cocaine users aren't ever aware of. Any kind of violence dished out by our local street coke dealer is nothing compared to the gruesome murdering and torturing that is at the very core of the cocaine industry.

Sneaky Trick That Some Cocaine Dealers Do

There are many coke dealers that will go into a pub and give free lines of good cocaine to certain people that they know love cocaine - knowing that they will soon be calling them on the phone for coke. This way, the dealer entraps his cocaine addicts and keeps them throwing money at him for more Charlie. It's a real sneaky move. Also, the free lines of cocaine that they initially use to entrap their victims is way better than the coke that they later sell them once he's got them on the hook!

This kind of cocaine dealer is certainly one of the worst. He doesn't care anything about his coke victims. He doesn't care if his users spend their rent or food money. He couldn't care less if they lose their job, their wives or even end up on the street. He'll just simply look for others users to take their place to get on his tick list. It’s a real scummy move!

Is What You Are Snorting 'Real' Cocaine or Synthetic Coke?

I should mention that there are those that believe they are snorting coke even though in fact it may be synthetic cocaine (totally fake cocaine) and actually contain zero coke. I know of several people that have sold synthetic coke as being the real thing and the users didn't have a clue that is wasn't real Charlie.

Even those that have been using coke for years can still get mugged simply because it seems to be accepted that cocaine comes in several forms and thus looks, tastes, smells different and also affects them differently.

There's many kinds of cocaine such as ‘diesel’ coke (that is smuggled in diesel fuel and then removed from it in labs), there’s flake (which is about the one of the very best and expensive) but to be honest, there is mainly shite in the UK as far as pub sniff goes. And most wouldn't have a clue what they’re shovelling up their hooters.

Synthetic Cocaine Poses A New Threat

Old Bill Scruffed Dealer For Attempting To Sell Moody Gear!

I know of a cocaine dealer that was arrested in a pub after the police found four cocaine wraps in his cigarette box which he had on the bar. Weeks later, after they had analysed the substance and discovered that the wraps actually contained zero cocaine (but with mainly glucose and some other shit in them) and he was charged with 'intent to supply cocaine by deception'.

Many coke users believe that if it makes their teeth and/or gums numb, that it's 'good' cocaine. The fact is that there are those that mix novocaine and MDMA or speed and it would be hard to convince them that it was anything but real cocaine.

There are so many tricks and substances used to create fake coke now, that when people have been tipping booze down their Gregory’s (Gregory Peck – meaning necks) all night, that they would never know that they've been suckered - and it's happening more and more!

Cocaine is a great social drug that can make you feel great but the facts show that for most users - it is highly addictive and ruins their lives. The question is, how will it affect you and will you become another cocaine addicted statistic?

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