Private Cocaine Rehab Treatment Costs Vs Free NHS

by The Devil's Dandruff
Luxury Cocaine Rehab Vs NHS Free
Ever wondered what the difference is between private cocaine rehab treatment Vs free NHS? If you or perhaps a family member or close friend have an addiction to cocaine and have decided to do something about it, then the next step could well be to get admitted into a residential cocaine treatment clinic. The type of clinic you go for much depends upon your financial status. By that I mean, that if you are financially well off, then there are private rehabilitation clinics and there are luxury private treatment clinics that are more like luxurious hotels with all the comforts of home and then some.

However, if you are not financially well-heeled, then you may have to go through the NHS for free. But whichever treatment you opt for should fundamentally be to absolutely quit using cocaine. The most important thing is making the decision to quit your cocaine addiction for life.

Well for a starter, that totally depends on whether or not you have the money that allows for choices. Personally, if I hadn't quit my myself and could have afforded to go into a private rehab clinic to treat my cocaine addiction - then I would have. But if I was super wealthy, then obviously, I'd have gone for the luxury cocaine residential rehab option. I think that goes without saying.

The thought of just how much private addiction treatment costs may well prevent any cocaine addict from obtaining treatment from the get go. The cost of going into a private/ or luxury private drug treatment can be anything from £2000 to £10,000 a week and the luxury rehab clinics can come at a cost of around £16,000 to £60,000 a month (and that doesn't include extras).

Free Rehab Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

The other route for cocaine dependency is therefore to get free treatment from the NHS. Sometimes, it can be possible to get private treatment for cocaine addiction through the NHS or maybe social services. Private clinics sometimes offer monthly repayment programs and others may even have insurance that can cover the costs.

With private rehab clinics, a person can be admitted with 24 hours, whereas those that have to get treatment for their coke dependency via the NHS, it can take months and that's after providing evidence that other treatments have already been tried and failed.

It should be understood that cocaine addiction treatment is big business and that private rehab clinics that cater for the wealthy make fortunes from their cocaine dependency. So, it makes sense for them to offer payment plans in order to make sure they keep their clinics full.

In the past, I have needed to undergo operations for health issues and they were done both through the NHS and others privately and what I can tell you is this, private hospital care is the way to go. There is no comparison! The treatment, food, and care is so much better - not to mention that I got my operation done almost straight away. That's a few of the differences between private health care and the NHS.

If you can get private treatment for cocaine addiction, then you will normally have the same carer throughout. You'll have your own private room with en suite facilities. You can often have the food of your choice and with the luxury drug rehab clinics, you'll have chefs to cook-up whatever you desire. Mustn't it be wonderful to be loaded - eh? You get to live a life of luxury whatever you do.

I mean, you can march-on with your cocaine sessions for 2- 3 months (or whatever) and then when you fancy a break - just admit yourself into a luxury holiday rehab clinic for a break. For those that live the five-star life, they also get the luxury 5-star amenities when they admit themselves into the luxury-end of rehab clinics, that include gyms, swimming pools, luxury private bedrooms, exquisite choice of food and room service. Isn’t that the life. For those that are super wealthy - that's home-from-home!

A Former Drug Addict Describes His Time in Rehab | Jeremy Kyle

Seek a Rehab Treatment Centre That Has a Good Success History

Any genuine and professional rehab clinics will be glad to provide answers to any and all questions that you may have, and they will also have questions that the client will need to help them with, so as to be able to provide the best-suited treatment: Questions such as:
  • How long has the person been addicted to cocaine?
  • Whether the person has attempted suicide or self-harm in the past?
  • Physical and mental condition of the patient before admittance after a full medical examination.
  • Whether they suffer from any mental conditions such as depression.
  • If the person has previously been admitted into a rehabilitation clinic for cocaine addiction treatment.
  • Questions about their current living environment and social habits.
  • Whether they are in a relationship and if they have support from their families.

Success Depends On You - Not Luxury Rehab Clinics!

Whether you get your cocaine addiction treatment from the NHS or from private rehab clinics, the success of the treatment is solely up to you. It's not the fancy cuisine, comfy bedrooms, soaking in heated whirlpools or taking regular dips in swimming pools that's going to determine whether or not you successfully quit using cocaine - it's your willingness to make full use of the treatment in all its forms and your determination to quit using cocaine for good that counts!

For you to get clean and quit cocaine addiction, it is going to be hard work, no matter how much money you have. You're the one that's going to have to do whatever it takes to be cocaine-free for life. There's only so much that your professional medical staff and counsellors can do for you. They cannot quit cocaine for you.

They can provide help and support, as well as reassurance and also advise you against returning to your old cocaine haunts but in the end - it's totally your responsibility to make the necessary changes.

Getting Funding for Cocaine Rehabilitation Through The NHS...

At the time of writing this, residents of United Kingdom can obtain treatment for cocaine addiction free via the NHS and in some cases, it's even possible to get funding for private treatment. I believe that the person would need to demonstrate that apart from being referred for rehab treatment by your GP, that it is necessary to provide proof that they have also genuinely made use of any treatment options locally within their community.

Applying for in-house rehab treatment via the NHS may take several weeks or months depending upon the eagerness of the addicted person and reports from his/her addiction team.

Summing Up the Differences Between Private (Costly)

and NHS (Free) Rehab Treatments:

Private Cocaine Addiction Treatment:


  • Admission is fast - Can be within a day.
  • Better Personal care with the same therapist - creating a trusting relationship.
  • Daily Schedule within residential clinic.
  • Private and confidential discretion.
  • Visits from families and can send/receive mail and phone calls.
  • Treatment within protected and safe conditions.
  • Amenities such as, gym, swimming pool and private bedroom etc.
  • Provides ongoing post-treatment program.
  • Expensive compared to free NHS and may not be covered by their medical insurance.

NHS Cocaine Addiction Treatment:

  • Totally cost-free (at time of writing)
  • Available to all.
  • Usually situated locally to where they live
  • Acceptance and Procedure can take quite some time.
  • Not always admitted to in-house rehab treatment
  • Individuals may get different treatments from various locations.
  • Local environmental conditions can adversely affect the rehabilitation treatment of the patient.
  • Patient may have different therapist through their treatment program.
  • Providing an ongoing support community could possibly be somewhat more difficult.

Very Important Note:

If you are contemplating undergoing a cocaine detoxification program (or any other substance addiction detox program), then I strongly urge you to thoroughly investigate and be weary of “Narconon” before getting involved with them, as they are basically a part of L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘Scientology’ and it appears that they try to rope people into their religion through using Narconon.

Also, there have been some serious health hazards due to their detoxification methods that have landed their clients in hospital and also feel that a few deaths may due to their program!

You can find out more by visiting this web page about Narconon’s rehab racket.

Also, you can check out a list of cocaine addiction rehab centres in the UK here.

I hope that this information helps to show the differences between having private rehab treatment compared to getting it free through the NHS.

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