Cocaine -

The Devil's Dandruff


Cocaine Damage Can Permanently Effect Your Appearance!

Most first time cocaine users are not aware of the harmful cocaine effects on both the mind and body. And to be fair - nor do many long-standing users know about the short and long-term adverse effects of cocaine abuse.

First time users can often feel the initial side effects of cocaine taking place extremely fast. Depending on how much cocaine is used and how long the session lasts, as well as how many times a person uses cocaine will determine the overall harmful side effects.

I'm sure that most people reading this will be aware by now that cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant. Although there may appear to be some obvious adverse effects through cocaine abuse, there are in fact several long-term effects as well plus a few that cause permanent damage to health.

As you can see from the image above just how cocaine has permanently ruined Danniella's pretty face. Anyone that has followed her poignant story will understand why she started taking cocaine, which unfortunately, ruined her acting career as well as causing her so much turmoil and sadness in her off-screen, personal life.

Using cocaine alone will surely mess with the chemicals in your brain but when taken with alcohol as well as smoking, then new chemicals are created that literally create chains of new addictions and thus become harder to break.

Most of the cocaine addicts I know began using cocaine socially as a recreational drug at the weekends but quickly found themselves wanting it more and more. One of the effects of cocaine is that humans quickly build a resistance to it and find that they not only need to use more of it to get the same high as they did when they first began using it but need to do it much more often.

That initial euphoric high that was perceived with the first few lines of coke is never usually attained again but the brain is always trying to reach that same high and so the need to use greater quantities of cocaine become ever more necessary.

There are various ways of using cocaine and they are as follows:

• Snorting cocaine through the nose
• Orally (as a 'snow bomb')
• Smoking it in cigarettes or as crack
• Injecting it into the veins

It is sometimes possible for serious harm to be caused (although not usually common) due to even the short-term
side effects of cocaine use. Here's a short list of some of the side effects:

• Increased blood pressure
• Contracted arteries
• Heightened mental alertness
• A feeling of euphoria
• Boosted energy levels
• Fast heart rate
• Loss of appetite
• Increase in body temperature
• Numbing of the nose and teeth
• Large (dilated) pupils

Once a person becomes addicted to cocaine, they then lose other interests in their lives. It's not long before the cocaine buzz soon just becomes an addiction - it's simply just a desire to have it. Many people tend to eventually become selfish with the drug, not happy to share it anymore - especially as it is now using up much of their income.

Then there comes a point when cocaine users buy their cocaine and prefer to use it in solitude. It quickly begins to affect their personality and almost always causes lethargy and disinterest in many areas - especially in their work.

It seriously messes with sleep patterns, whereby it becomes common to stay awake for several days as well as not eating. It often causes disassociation, depression as well as permanent insomnia. Cocaine addicts lose weight quickly and then pile it on when they have finally slept after a long cocaine session. They then eat like crazy.

A person using cocaine for the first time may often feel more awake with a feeling of having more energy. They will normally feel an increase of physical stamina, feeling less tired with a burst of energy or what's known as a 'rush'. Initially, they may feel more proactive in general and also in their workplace.

There are those that regularly use cocaine to help with slimming, as cocaine reduces the appetite. It's possible to go without eating any food for several days while on a coke session but this also makes the addiction worse. The other downside is that they tend to gorge on food when the cocaine wears off! So trying to lose weight by snorting coke is a sheer waste of time and money.

Unfortunately, what they fail to see is that with prolonged use, their bodies become more tolerant to cocaine, whereby they need to use more of the drug in order to get a high - thus becoming evermore addicted to it. Many first time users of cocaine feel like it's a buzz and see it as a harmless social activity but as they become ever more addicted, their every day lives quickly starts to go down the toilet.

Tolerance to cocaine quickly increases with more use and noticeable long-term adverse effects soon begin show. The continued use of cocaine is known to cause many health issues, such as: strokes, heart disease, convulsions, paranoia, respiratory problems, nausea and seizures.

Below is a list of adverse effects of long-term cocaine abuse:

• Serious cocaine dependence
• Auditory and Visual hallucinations
• Insomnia (can often be permanent)
• Violent mood swings
• Nervousness and Irritability
• Agitation
• Lung problems
• Blood infections
• Sudden cardiac death
• Stroke
• Loss of contact with reality
• Bleeding nose
• Destroys the mucus membranes and cartilage in the nose.
• Seriously damages the nervous system

Cocaine And Its Effects On The Brain And The Body.

Long-Term Effects Of Cocaine

Other Adverse Effects of Cocaine Abuse:

It causes mood swings as well as depression. The more cocaine that is used and the longer the session the worse the depression. Most cocaine addicts have the habit of sniffing up snot and swallowing it, as they don't want to blow their noses because they don't want to lose the cocaine that's been snorted.

It causes the nose to become blocked and ever more difficult to breathe through it. In time, nose bleeds become common. Over time, the nose gets eaten away and the cocaine burns through the cartilage. I know of several cocaine addicts that like to show off their shoe lace pub trick by pulling it through their nose where they have a hole going right through it.

What most cocaine users don't seem to realise is that the cocaine that they believe they are snorting or dabbing is usually cut to death anyway and mixed with many other kinds of drugs from speed to antihistamines. Many cut it with glucose but other unscrupulous dealers will even cut it with harmful chemicals. I know of a cocaine dealer that actually cut it with drain cleaner. No wonder their noses bleed and fall apart.

One of the worse problems that I've witnessed it the paranoia that affects many cocaine addicts. This mental illness can become permanent with prolonged cocaine abuse. I've personally witnessed close friends falling out and actually stabbing each other because of their paranoia during a 3 day cocaine session. I've witnessed the change in them as they suddenly switch as they begin to misinterpret what's being said. I've seen people stabbed and slashed to pieces all in a matter of seconds over nothing - all down to being paranoid and suffering from auditory hallucinations.

The addiction to cocaine becomes so strong that both men and woman (young and old) will sell their souls as they lose their morality and self respect. Most men that I know will resort to crime and women will drop their drawers in a heartbeat to have sex with blokes for a free cocaine session.

In many areas now here in the UK, users of cocaine behave as though it's actually legal. Many will now openly and blatantly pinch cocaine from a wrap in pubs. It is now such a wide spread and growing problem, that there is simply no room in prisons for them, so the police can only give them a caution. It's almost become acceptable.

Affects of Cocaine in The Workplace and in Relationships:

The effects and risks of how cocaine abuse ruins relationships both in the home and in the workplace cannot be over-emphasised - and even more so when cocaine is mixed with alcohol. It destroys a person's aspirations as cocaine gets it grip on it's addicts. I've rarely seen a good ending once cocaine takes over a person's life. It gets to a point where a once decent, hard-working person only thinks about where they will get the money for more 'Charlie'.

As I mentioned earlier, that cocaine is almost always cut. Pub sniff usually contains a small percentage of actual cocaine and will normally be mixed with speed or a numbing agent like Novocain. When coke is cut with whiz (speed) you can see the person gets what's known as 'cocaine jaw', as they keep moving their jaw side to side. It also causes them talk the ears off of people - better known as 'toilet talk'! They basically talk a load of bollocks.

I know of cocaine addicts that tell the same lies and stories repeated so many times that they actually believe that the lies they are saying really happened. Seriously!

It's a fact that effects of cocaine abuse will cause addicts to lie, cheat, steal and even become cocaine dealers in order to support their cocaine habit. New associations and relationships are formed with other cocaine addicts and this is how they now begin to lead their lives. As the old saying goes, "mix with liars and become a liar, mix with thieves and become a thief, mix with cocaine addicts and you can guess the rest!" Another side effect of cocaine abuse are constant mood swings and ever increasing violent behaviour.
Once a person becomes involved with cocaine, a whole new, world of crime opens up for them. Any crime you can think of can be connected with and/or associated with cocaine. From car theft, burglary to armed robbery and sex slavery and everything in between!

As I said earlier that it affects their jobs, relationships, friendships and families and it's not long before they lose their jobs and become unemployed. They break up with their partners/spouse. Lose their homes and it's all downhill from then on. The cost of a cocaine addict's habit will be way more than most earn. So, resorting to crime to support their cocaine addict is inevitable!

It's not long before the cocaine addict no longer gets a 'high' from the drug. Instead, it just becomes a mental addiction. Every day becomes the same with the one need to get more cocaine. So now the cocaine addict requires much more cocaine and also needs to take it much more frequently with the desire to get high. The fact is that they can never get the same rush as they did when they first used it. They just keep chasing it hoping to reach that initial first high.

If you have been taking cocaine for some time or know of friends that are addicted to cocaine, then you'll know that what I'm stating here is absolutely fact.