Judges Go Lenient On Drug Offences By The Wealthy

by The Devil's Dandruff

The Law is So Understanding and Sympathetic

To The Rich and Famous!


Are Common-folk Seen as Being Blind and Stupid?

I say this simply because when celebrities or people that are wealthy get caught using cocaine, crack or any other illegal drug, they just get a ‘smack on the wrist’, while those that come from the streets seem to get made an example of!

I think that there’s a big difference as to why poor people take drugs compared to why those that ooze wealth use illicit drugs. I think that those of us that have nothing with futures that look very dark and depressing try to escape that reality, while those who shit money take it out of boredom. Maybe I’m wrong? But the law definitely looks upon and treats us differently.

How Is The Law Dealing With Cocaine Offences?

It should come as no great surprise to know that due to cocaine becoming cheaper (albeit the quality significantly less), that people using it has increased. It's clear to see that the war on drugs is losing in a big way. It does however make you wonder how so much gets through customs though. Could it by any chance, be that certain officials ‘look the other way’ and suddenly find themselves in a new house and driving a new car?

To be honest, I don't see that by locking up drug addicts in prison is making this problem go away. The enormous cost of putting a cocaine or crack addict through the legal system and the huge cost for the tax payers to keep them incarcerated could better be put to use to help these addicts.

Instead of treating the cause of their addiction, they are just making these people suffer more and become even worse. It's not like they can't get access to their drug of choice in jail - as just about any illegal drug can be got whilst in prison. When these addicts eventually get out, they are in fact in a much worse position.

Unless they have a home to go to (which in many cases is unlikely), they will probably be put into a hostel or halfway house; which can cost on average £150 - £200 per week per person and paid for by the state. I believe that governments need to focus on first understanding the problems that cause people to become cocaine and crack addicts - but the real truth is, that they couldn't care less about these people and don’t see them as human beings.

Politicians don't live in council estates - they live in their country homes or in posh, up-market areas that are well protected by higher police presence where they are safe and away from the reality of where the lower classes struggle to survive. These politicians were brought up in a totally different environment whereby their future is something to look forward to.

Without any doubt at all, being brought up with money and going to public school in the countryside makes all the difference to how the upper class turn out in life. They don't have a clue about how it is for those that come from one-parent families are have to drag themselves up in poverty through no fault of their own.

The environment for those that are living in poverty don't have the same choices and opportunities as those that grow up with a silver spoon in their mouths. It's true that some do fight their way out of their predicament but for most - the environment is so much stronger than the individual and thus strongly dictates their attitude and direction.

It's so much easier for those with college and university educations that have degrees’ and academic qualifications to get a cushy job sitting on their arses all day dishing out orders, than it is for those that have zero academic skills and spend their life breaking their backs for a living. The lower classes always seem to struggle financially and always tend to be behind with their bills etc - unlike those that live in areas like Kensington, that consider their day's work to be shopping up and down the King's Road in and out of boutiques.
Cocaine Ruins Lives Without Discrimination
When those with little money and only dreams (that are really just that) see all the wealth distributed so unfairly and so out of proportion, then even their dreams and any aspiration for that fantasy life seems so far away and unreachable.

Is it any wonder that these people from lowly beginnings desire to escape their present reality - even if it does adversely affect their lives, health and freedom? But there are many reasons why people use cocaine and other drugs.

It's true that cocaine and crack addiction doesn't only affect the lower classes because we read and hear about those who are cakey-boo (loaded financially) that are forever in and out of rehab.
The difference is though, that these rehabilitation clinics that these well-heeled lot go to are equivalent to 5-star luxury holiday retreats. Most of these wealthy addicts aren't even going there to rehabilitate - it's just a break and a clean-out for them. They come out and get bang on it again. Their life is one big party and full of fun!

You see these kids in places like Mexico or the down and outs living in the ghettos - what chance have they got? Personally, I see that life’s pressures and how unfair it is, to be the cause of people needing to take drugs in order to escape their depressing lives and gain a little happiness - even for a short while.

Unfortunately, they cannot escape their dark reality forever. It takes money and a lot of it to keep using drugs like cocaine and crack. So then, this is where they get involved in crime.

Coming from where I did, it's totally acceptable to buy something that 'fell off the back of a lorry'. In fact, I personally don't know anyone that would say 'no' to buying something that's been 'half-inched' (pinched) - providing that it isn't something that's been burgled or hurt someone personally. I ain't saying it's right by the way, but when you see someone like disgraced Sam Allardyce being paid £1 million to quit after only 67 days as the England football manager, then you see how blatant and corrupt this world is.

Then there's the different punishments for those that come from money or have influence and those of us that are nobody's. That mob gets a soft telling off, while the likes of us get banged up in prison.

People like us that come from poverty and live in poverty ain't blind or stupid! We see the injustice of the way politicians and government run our country. We see quite clearly the way the law works for them and against us.

Time after time we see those that are stinking rich get high-paid legal lawyers to represent them in court and get them off scot-free and promise to go to one of the luxury in-house rehab clinics while the common drug offender gets to be a resident of her majesty's prison or community service if the prisons are too full.

Celebrities Who Supposedly Smoke Crack

Different Strokes for Different Folks

There's no real justice today, just as there never has been. In one of my posts, you can read about how a cocaine dealer I knew would regularly supply a judge each Thursday for him and his prostitutes that he had his bit of 'harmless' fun with. To make it more clear how the system is so crooked, it that I also knew of a drug enforcement police officer was also not just bang on cocaine – but actually seriously addicted to it.

Honestly, I would love to see that ‘cocaine-taking’ judge in court before another judge for cocaine abuse and see what the outcome would be. To be fair, I don’t think a person like that would even get charged in the first place! You know, the ‘old pal’s act’ and the ‘old school tie’ caper!

I guess the same would apply to the copper as well, as it would be too much shame for the Metropolitan police to bare and have to admit. How embarrassing! And yet that police office isn’t the only copper to use cocaine.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I got a ‘knock at the door’ by the Old Bill about these articles that I’m putting up on the Internet for the world to see.

To think that the very people that make and enforce the law, are in fact the very same that break them. But of course, the law doesn’t apply to them!

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