How Cocaine Often Debases Humans Into Sexually Immoral Creatures

by The Devil's Dandruff
This information on cocaine may seem like it's untrue but the fact is that cocaine often changes us into sexually immoral and debase creatures as well as becoming sly and sneaky as well. Read on for some examples of why I say this.

Cocaine Has No Class, Colour, Age or Gender Discrimination -

Just Like Death!

Information on cocaine showing a man openly using cocaine on London Tube
Camera information catches man snorting cocaine on London's Tube first thing in the morning!
There was a time when cocaine was common among rock stars and celebrities. On rare occasions, there would be something in the news about a celebrity or famous musician using cocaine. But today, cocaine can be found almost in any country and is used by ordinary people both young and old, male and female alike.

In my opinion this drug is a plague on humanity. If the Devil really exists and is at war with God and wanted to turn mankind into depraved, immoral, sly and base creatures, then he would certainly use cocaine to do it! I would not regard cocaine as a rock star of drugs but more like the Devil's dandruff.

Cocaine gets it's evil grip on people usually within a few months of occasional use and it not long before they become addicted to the drug. Once addicted, it's not long before a cocaine addict becomes a cocaine dealer in order to support his or increasing coke habit.
Here’s a few true real-life experiences that may help to show you how cocaine can change once decent people into what some might call, “degenerates”. That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself!

Cocaine Tends To Make Some People Sexually Immoral

When I was in my old cocaine circles about 10 years ago, I remember going into a local late night club and was unusually surprised at the number of young people there that were of and around sixteen years of age (some obviously still at school). I knew a lot of the young lads of about 18 - 25 years of age and never forgot what this youngster told me.

There were small groups of 5 and 6 of these young girls all around the club drinking and this guy was pointing out telling me how many of them he'd shagged up what he referred to as the, "Dumb Bunker" (you can guess what he meant by that) and which girl was gonna get it next. Seriously! But this now seemed to be the norm. Most blokes that I knew that used cocaine adopted the attitude of, "they haven't been fucked until they've been done up the jacksie"!

Now I ain't gonna get all religious on you but when I was their age, anal sex was unheard of. The only time I ever heard of this sexual act was by gays. And I'm not putting them down either, Each to their own. As one guy used to always joke saying, "don't knock it until you try it." Ha! But like I said - everyone to their own.

It is most definitely one of the effects of the drug. Without doubt, I certainly understand how it makes people open to do all kinds of sexual acts. It enhances our imagination, as well as making them less inhibited (to say it nicely) with sex. Just as Charlie makes us want more and more of it and also the need and greed for it, it also makes us want to do more and more sexual acts that we might not have ever imagined doing - or at least putting them into practice.

But the strange thing is, that there are so many women that actually love anal sex. I remember waking up one morning with a woman who loved coke and upon waking, she outright told me to, "shove it up her ass", which I didn’t oblige, by the way!

Believe me, that was the last thing I had in mind. My pal told me a week later that he’d had his arm up there a few weeks before - lol! I mean, this woman was only in her mid-thirties with two teenage kids and she was like the village bicycle (meaning everyone's been riding her). It was like throwing a sausage up an alley-way.

Sex Offered In Pub Toilet For A Line of Coke!

I was in an old friend's pub one night and was chatting to a girl who about 24 years old. While we were enjoying our drinks and a chat, I said I was going to the Bengarzy (meaning Kharzi - toilet). She asked me if I had any oats on me (oats and barley - 'Charlie') and I told her that indeed I had. She asked me if I would do her a line and I did.

She followed me straight into the cubicle in the Kharzi and I made two lines. She had her's first and after I had mine, I turned around and saw that she had her knickers around her ankles with her skirt pulled up and told me I could shag her. I told her that she didn’t need to do that as I was happy to do her a lash and that I didn't want to in a toilet full of germs and shit and so she pulled up her drawers and we went out.

My pal (the landlord of the pub) had been outside by the sinks and had been listening and laughing to himself all the while to what we were saying and couldn't believe that I didn't give her one. I told him that I didn't like doing coke in dirty toilets anyway and wasn't about to cock the leg over in one either.

For some reason, using cocaine seems to reduce people to base animals devoid of inhibitions and morality. That old phrase, "do you wanna come up for a cup of coffee" went out the window years ago. It's more like, "do you wanna line and a quick shag"!

Information on Cocaine and Sex

East London is Rife with Cocaine

I can't say that everyone is on coke - because they ain't. But where I came from in East London, it's almost as if there's something wrong with you if you don't do Charlie. Seriously, you be considered a “wrong ‘un”. Out of all the pubs and clubs that I frequented, cocaine was used by 99% of those there - although 85% of the cocaine users though were leeches. Rarely did they ever buy any and when they did, they'd go home with it and keep it for their greedy selves.

It would get to the point that you couldn't go for a 'hit and miss' (a piss) without having a queue of tight-fisted parasites begging for a lash. They were always there constantly watching like predators and waiting for people like me to go to the toilet. My experience showed that it also makes people not only greedy for the drug but also sly as well. Here's a real-life story...

I was out one night in pub that was about to close and a couple of friends who were cakie-boo (loaded - money wise) invited me to go with them up this guy's drum. It was the guy who was running this pub. I'll call him 'Slippo' for this story. We all chipped in (except Slippo) and bought 10 grams of cocaine (but it came in 20 half gram wraps instead of a lump that we’d asked for). We bought s crate of beer and left the pub.

During the night, up Slippo's flat, one of my pals (money-bags) was out of it and was stretched out on the sofa. It was a Sunday night and he's been bang at it since Friday. He had so much lulla up his hooter that he couldn’t breathe through it, let alone get anymore coke up it - no matter how hard he tried.

My other old pal (We'll call him 'Jock' (a serious blagger now serving two life sentences) who could snort Charlie until the cows come home was brand new (as was I). As the night went on, I noticed that every time Slippo set up the lines on the coffee table (where all the wraps of Charlie were spread about), he'd move one of the full unopened wraps a bit closer to the edge of the table near where he was sitting. It wasn't obvious to me at the time what he was up to.

Eventually, he managed to get this wrap to fall on the carpet and I watched (without him knowing) as he had his foot on it and gradually pulled it towards him and as he managed to heel it under his armchair he saw that I had seen him do it. I could see that he was concerned that I had caught him but I didn't say anything though!

It got to the point that I was desperate for a leak and as I got up Jock beat me to it - I waited outside the carsey for him to finish - but Slippo came out as well, thinking that I was going to lolly him up. It's not something I'd do and I didn't. To be honest, all he had to do was to ask for a couple of wraps for later to have a knock about (or whatever) and we would have given it to him without thinking anything of it. After all, it was his gaff that we were using to have a late-night splosh-up!
This information on cocaine is just one story of hundreds I could tell you about - but I'm just trying to show that it can make us very sneaky and immoral. It might be something worth considering if you are a decent person and don't want to get mixed up with people that do cocaine. To me, it really is the Devil's dandruff!

I’ll be sharing more true-life experiences with you in future posts.

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