Guide To Cocaine Addiction Treatment – Necessary Attitude To Succeed

by The Devil's Dandruff

Understanding That Drug Rehabilitation Is Not A Magic Pill

This guide to cocaine addiction treatment can help you to realise that if you are a cocaine addict or know someone that is showing the usual signs of cocaine addiction, then I recommend that you initially make an appointment and go see your GP before contacting any of the cocaine addiction treatment centres.

It's important to understand beforehand, that there's no magic pill for treating cocaine dependency and some treatments won't work for everyone, whether you're addicted to crack cocaine or powder cocaine.

Depending on your inherent strengths and/or weaknesses will determine whether you'll need professional help to rehabilitate or whether you are able to quit by yourself. You may prefer to use your personal will power and quit altogether in one go or it may be that quitting progressively with help of rehab professional might better suit you.
Treating addictions to crack cocaine, powder cocaine along with other stimulants is different to treating heroin addiction, because there's no alternate medications for cocaine addiction apart from related symptoms, for example: depression or sleep issues.

There are many cocaine rehab clinics to choose from and there are different methods of treating individuals as well, as each person is different. An essential and initial part of the treatment would be to include an exercise program with regular daily saunas. Narconon uses this sauna method to sweat out all traces of cocaine as well as other toxins.

Freeing The Physical Body of Cocaine and Other

Harmful Toxins and/or substances...

All drugs and toxins will over time get lodged within the fatty tissues and it can often be found that when a person that has been using cocaine (or other illicit drugs), that when they get hot - due to working or a hot day, the cocaine, drugs and other toxins break loose from the fatty tissue and re-enter the blood stream; which in turn is the same as taking another dose of cocaine (or whatever drug/s break loose. This will the cause the person to recall the sensations and feeling and effect of that drug and make that person desire cocaine again.

L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) claims he discovered this many years ago and used a similar method for freeing the body totally of all previously taken drugs - be they legal or prescription drugs. He also included the taking of certain oils to replenish the body after the fats and oils were secreted from their bodies during their daily exercise and sauna sessions.

He stated that drugs of all kinds were found to be present in the fatty tissues of dead people even though these people had not used these drugs for 10 years or more. This showed that these chemical, drugs and toxins do in fact become lodged in the fatty parts of our bodies that can break away whenever we get hot and thus releases these drugs back into the blood stream.

I can definitely agree with those facts, as I have had this re-occur time and time again whenever I was to get hot. I remember at times that days after concluding my 3-day coke sessions, that when I began exercises and started to sweat, that I could both smell and taste the cocaine coming out of my pores.

The fact that cocaine and other drugs do get deposited within our fatty tissue makes me realise just how dangerous this is if we don't fully go through a program whereby we sweat out all these harmful drugs because without doing this, we can reactivate these stimulants at any time and feel the need to get high again.

Programs such as these are supervised by professionals and incorporate a healthy nutrition as part of the program as well. It is first necessary for each person to undergo a full medical examination before being accepted into this kind of rehabilitation program.

This program for eliminating these harmful chemicals, drugs and toxins is most essential for anyone that is determined to escape their cocaine addiction and I highly recommend it! This particular part of the treatment is useful for other types of addiction as well, such as: alcohol and heroin dependency.

Benefits Upon Completion of Cocaine Detoxification

On completion of this part of the detox and cleansing program, those that were addicted to cocaine report the following benefits:
  • They have increased energy
  • They are able to think much more clearly
  • They have an improved memory
  • They feel less stressful and more positive
  • And have new vigour for life!
I mentioned earlier in this post that there isn't any 'magic pill' to treat the addiction of cocaine but in all honesty - I think there is! In my case, my 'magic pill' for totally quitting both the addiction to cocaine as well as the desire for it was because I wanted it more than anything else. I believe that if you are determined to quit taking cocaine and prepared to do whatever it takes - then you will do it. For you to successfully free yourself for life you need to acquire this attitude...

"There is NO trying! You must do it or NOT bother at all."

You have to 'know' that this is it! No more cocaine. No more mixing with those that do coke. You will have to make choices and stick with them no matter what! It will take courage, determination and a will of iron. Are you up to this challenge? Are you stronger and more powerful than that white cocaine powder or are you it's bitch?

An Overview of Treatment for Cocaine Dependence

The Beginning of Your New Drug-Free Life!

Moving away from your old cokey crowd and making a new cocaine-free life has is benefits and that's what you need to focus on. Do you want to demonstrate to your family and loved ones just what you're really made of? You can be and do anything once you free yourself from this menace that eats away at our souls. This poison that robs us of our decency and morals.

I can tell you this for sure, that when I quit this 'Devils dandruff', I got my life in order. I am stronger and better in all ways than I was before I became addicted to cocaine. When I made that decision - I meant it. I looked at every part of my life that had been so badly affected due to my addiction. I stepped out of myself and looked at what I had become and it made me sick and ashamed. I was disgusted with myself and grew a hatred to cocaine that was so bad, that I would never go near it again.

You need to ask yourself, "how bad do you want to quit using cocaine and list all the benefits of being free from cocaine addiction”.

I wish you all the success with escaping this money-sucking and life-wasting way of life.

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