Effects Of Cocaine Addiction Impacting On Our Society

by The Devil's Dandruff

How Cocaine Use Adversely Affects Our World Today!

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Although cocaine has been around for many years and can be traced back many hundreds of years (even a s far as the Pharaohs), there can be no doubt that the overall effects of cocaine addiction on our society is harmful in just about every way possible - it seems that is has become a plague that is so out of control, that it cannot be stopped.

Cocaine adversely affects us in numerous ways, such as:

• Crime - Associated with Cocaine
• Costs of Rehab and Reform (prison)
• Celebrities and Cocaine Influencing Our Young
• The Workplace – even Professionals
• The Police
• Families - Broken One Parent
• The Home
• Health

Cocaine and Crime

It's obvious that the main reason that it is everywhere (except in cocaine most buy - lol) is because of the vast sums of money involved and the profits made from manufacturing, distribution and selling of this highly addictive drug.

With profits being so high, just about anyone (police, government officials and customs officers etc) can and are bribable. The late Pablo Escobar made it quite clear that they can either have silver or lead (meaning 'money' or 'death'). The extreme violence that is used to enforce this business is enough to make anyone obey their demands. Violence and death rule this business from the cocaine drug cartels down to the cocaine street dealers.

Crime goes hand-in-hand with cocaine. Burglary, theft, fraud, sex trafficking and prostitution are just some of the illegal activities associated with coke. The cost to our tax paying society is an enormous burden that just gets worse. The cost of keeping cocaine drug offenders in prison is enormous.

Prison and Reform

In Britain, it costs around £65,000 (from court costs to solicitors fees etc) to imprison each person and then £40,000 a year to keep them in jail. Our prison system is now so overcrowded, that the courts have to allow many criminals to go free or at least wear a tag or get community service.

You see the programs on TV, that show police stopping and searching suspicious characters and finding them in possession of cocaine and other illegal street drugs. Most of them are handed out cautions and sometimes a fine. It's almost become acceptable! The police have their hands tied and know that it's a waste of time as most first-time drug offenders will simply just cost this country more money by putting them through the courts.

Incarceration simply doesn't work either. Most people that go into prison for minor offences gain new contacts inside and learn many new ways to beat the system and learn many others ways to live off of crime. Sentences for low-level drug offenders is usually in the region of months rather than years and they almost always get released after doing a third of their sentence with a tag.

In the United Kingdom, the punishment for cocaine dealers and drug offenders is very lenient and so has no chance of deterring them from offending again - whereas in the United States, they have zero-tolerance towards drug crime. Not a country you’d want to get caught in possession of drugs!

And to make matters worse, rehabilitation in our prisons simply doesn’t work! Maybe if they were to make them work and dig roads or do something that actually pays for their three square meals a day in their cosy cells with their TV's and Playstations - maybe they might not be so happy to reoffend.

Current figures presently indicate that around 75% of prisoners will reoffend. That should tell you something about how unsuccessful our rehabilitation and penal system here in the UK is. Most people that I knew all say that they can get any kind of illegal drug in prison. How do you think that happens then? Maybe the prison guards are blind and have no sense of smell?

It has been stated that prison wardens and officials silently allow it to go on, in order to keep the prisoners peaceful and to avoid riots. It certainly wouldn't surprise me!

Celebrities and Cocaine

Looking at our society today, we see on the news and the media almost on a daily basis, many celebrities that are cocaine and drug addicts that are forever going in and out of drug rehab clinics.

When these celebrities get caught with cocaine or whatever drugs they use, they get a soft telling-off or a slap on the wrist. (Like George Michael, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton to name but a few). In my opinion, I think that these celebrities have a lot to answer for, as our young teens (and even kids) look up to these people and are influenced by them.

It's almost saying that it's okay for anyone with money and influence but not for the common-folk! But to be fair, it's always been that way. Justice seems to have a different meaning for them and us.

Cocaine and The Workplace

I remember about 7 years ago while I was in a pub in Narrow Street in East London on Christmas Eve. I was having a quiet drink with two friends and when I went into the toilet for a Jimmy Riddle, there were about eight people snorting Charlie off of the tops of the toilet cisterns. The crazy thing was, that all of them were solicitors that worked as defence lawyers for a legal representative firm in Commercial Road in East London. They didn't even bother to close the doors to do their coke in private!

A cocaine dealer I knew very well used to sell a better quality of cocaine to the dealers in the city. These guys spent bundles on cocaine and were at it day and night. They were this coke dealer’s best customers.

This coke dealer also supplied a judge with cocaine every Thursday. This judge had a gaff on the Embankment and would call-on a Henry (Henry VIII - meaning an eight of Charlie) so he could bonk these two prostitutes. This dealer always bashed it with speed (whizz) and the judge loved it, as it kept him awake all night.

One particular Thursday, this coke dealer didn't have any speed to cut it with, so he gave it to him without treading on it. The following week the judge complained that the gear was shit and that it didn't keep him awake all night like what the usual coke he was used to!

My point in telling you these stories is to show you the hypocrisy of this judge and the solicitors and how the law is so unjust. It's okay for them but not for the low classes.

How Cocaine Affects Our Society

Police and Cocaine

I would not even want to put a figure on how much it costs the British tax and rate payers to keep our police force. When you consider the vehicles, training, uniforms, armoury, communication and information systems etc - it's enormous. But here's another quick story to show you that there really isn't anywhere that cocaine isn't being used and that the use of cocaine is apparently rife within our police force.

I knew this coke dealer that supplied a dumper truck driver that worked on various building sites. This guy regularly spent about £600 on Charlie from the Friday night through to early hours of Sunday morning. The dealer would normally deliver it to them but couldn't on this Saturday night, as he had his kids staying over who were asleep in bed. So the guy and his wife came to him.

It turns out that the guy’s wife was a top drug enforcement officer working for the Met and was shitting herself after they had got their coke from the dealer believing that the dealer may have smudged her (taken photos of her) snorting Charlie of the table top.

The dealer later discovered the following week that the guy's wife was in fact a drug enforcement officer and was also shitting himself. Fortunately, everything was hunky-dory, as the copper did the dealer a favour by checking if his real name was associated with an AKA (also known as). She did the check and it came back sweet.

It turns out that many Old Bill are bang at it as well. So it's got to make you wonder what the hell is going on? The very people that are policing us are also bang on the Lulla as well!

Another cocaine dealer I know is a martial artist and trains the Old Bill in self-defence classes each week! I'd put money on it, that he not only supplies them but that they turn a blind eye if his name comes up on a weekend drugs raid list.

There's this guy I knew who was ex-SAS and got heavily involved with both using cocaine and dealing it. He got involved with all kinds of home loan fraud and got into running ‘titty-bars’ where he'd sell Coke to the girls and the Punters. Since being unable to work in the forces due to an injury, he's gone from being one of the world's most Elite soldiers to being a frequent resident of several of Her Majesty's Prisons. Who'd believe it?

As I already alluded to - it's everywhere and there's no class or age discrimination.

Effects of Cocaine in The Home

As far as the negative effects of cocaine in the home, it's no longer just a problem for low income or one-parent families where the kids can often run riot due to not having the influence of a father figure to guide and chastise them when they fall out of line.

It seems that the problem of cocaine (in fact any street drug) is that it doesn't discriminate any class of person. I know of several families (as you probably do as well), that have both parents with great professions and are able to send their kids to public school and then off to University - and yet some of these well-heeled families produce offspring that become cocaine addicts. The parent can say, "where did we go wrong?" but that question is irrelevant. Society and pressures can cause just about anyone to fall from grace and become addicted to drugs.

To be fair though, I personally believe that it is worse for people like me that come from backgrounds where we had fuck all. Sometimes not even one parent! Kids that have been brought up in various children's homes and passed about like bad pennies.

I had a really good friend that was a step-father to his partner's son. That boy went without nothing and yet he turned out to be forever in bother with the law. I don't blame the boy to be fair, as my pal and his old lady were nearly always in the pub. The boy was allowed to stay out all hours and got involved with all sorts. Unfortunately, it led to him doing drugs and later had an accident which led to his tragic end of life.

Broken homes are without a doubt (in my opinion) a breeding ground for any kid to join a gang and take to using and/or selling cocaine to get the things that he/she could never afford. Drug dealing is considered, 'easy money' and let's face it – these kids don't get the same quality educational choices that those with money have. They see others that have all the things that they never had and look for easy ways to get them.

Without any doubt, those that come from broken homes are much more likely to get involved with cocaine and crime.

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