Crucial Differences You Need To Know Between Cocaine And Crack Cocaine Information

by The Devil's Dandruff
This post is about crack cocaine information and how it is smoked as opposed to snorting the powder form of cocaine (known as cocaine hydrochloride), as there is much misinformation about these two types that is currently flooding the internet.

Cocaine Powder (for Snorting) and Crack Cocaine (for Smoking)

Differences Between Cocaine Powder and Crack Cocaine information
There is some confusion about the differences between cocaine and crack cocaine, so I will try to explain what they are. Firstly, they are both the same drug except that they are taken and absorbed in different ways by a drug user.

Cocaine is usually the term given to the powder-form that is most often snorted, smoked with tobacco or injected and is properly called, "cocaine hydrochloride"; whereas crack cocaine (which has been refined from cocaine hydrochloride) is basically pure cocaine which is washed to remove all the impurities and/or any other substances and becomes a 'rock' that is then free-based (smoked from a glass pipe or something that can be used to smoke it.

Crack Cocaine Information on Using A Home-Made Pipe

Many crack users often put together a make-shift pipe or bong from things like a water bottle (with some water inside) that has a small hole burnt into the side of it where they insert an empty plastic pen (or straw) for sucking through.

The lid is removed from the bottle with tin foil placed over the hole and pushed in over the top with pin holes in it and then they add cigarette ash with the crack cocaine on top of it and finally heated with a lighter and inhaled through the pen, straw or tube.
Make-shift crack pipe
There are numerous ways of smoking crack cocaine including purpose made glass crack pipes and those made from aluminium foil. 'Crack' cocaine is so named due to the sound that it makes when heated, as it makes a crackling sound. Crack comes as a crystal rock and when heated the user breathes in the vapours

Addicts that prefer to inject it will first need to dissolve the cocaine powder in water. Cocaine hydrochloride is a very powerful and extremely addictive illegal street drug that causes the user to feel euphoric and more energetic. Once addicted, this drug never seems to give the addict the same desired high as in the early stages of addiction. Cocaine causes the user to become greedy for this drug and the need for it becomes ever stronger.

No matter how often and whether you smoke, snort or inject cocaine, users of this drug put themselves at high risk of affecting the supply of blood to the brain (cerebrovascular diseases) as well as a having a stroke or heart-attack - that can easily bring about sudden death. Often, the main cause of those that die through cocaine abuse is due to heart attacks and also a seizure or possibly respiratory failure.

Cocaine (as a street drug) is undeniably a powerful stimulant that effects the user's nervous system and inhibits dopamine from being re-absorbed in the brain. The chemical dopamine acts as a messenger known to cause joy and pleasurable emotions. The euphoric feelings that cocaine addicts describe are due to an accumulation of this dopamine that leads to constant arousal that comes from the receiving neurons.

Dr. Carl Hart on Cocaine vs Crack

I Thought I Was In Hell and Didn't Even Know My Own Name!

Many cocaine addicts will build up an unwanted tolerance, whereby the 'high' that they desperately need from using this drug can no longer be attained and the pleasurable feeling that they once experienced when they first used cocaine is now long gone. Instead, they become stressed, short-tempered and unsettled, together with becoming paranoid!

It's not uncommon that when addicted to cocaine, the user will need to consume it excessively by repeatedly using more and more. This brings on acute paranoia together with the cocaine abuser usually becoming disassociated from reality (as I can definitely relate to from my real-life experience of using cocaine) and even hallucinate. I was so bad after a 3-day coke session that I saw my slippers as 'cats' chasing each other going around in circles on the carpet in front of me. Yet I didn’t have any cats! I saw what appeared to be small reptiles running up the walls in my peripheral vision but when I turned my head - they weren't there.

I saw thick mist all around me and saw these huge dragonfly-looking insects with fat bodies flying all about me and some landing on my arms. I was slapping them thinking that I was squashing them as they ran up my arms but they didn't exist. I couldn't even remember who I was or what my name was. I had no idea where I was either and eventually conked out for a while. It was a horrid and terrifying experience and one that I'll never forget. I literally thought I'd gone to hell!

I got so bad that I could always hear whispering. Sometimes these voices were speaking a foreign language. I didn't know what language they were talking in but the weird thing was, that I could partly understand some of what they were saying. It got so bad that I believed that I was being watched all the time. The thing that I need to emphasise, is that even though I haven't done cocaine for 10 years - my paranoia still exists today but not anywhere as acute as it did then. I was always waiting and expecting the door to get kicked in by the police.

My gluttony for cocaine was such that I would use a teaspoon full of Charlie and whack that up my nose without even crushing it. There would be small rocks of Charlie all over the floor. A line of coke would never satisfy me - it had to be the equivalent of a gram in order to even have an effect. I would smoke one cigarette after another. There were many times that I thought my heart was going to explode right out from my chest. I could hear it like a drum and see my chest pushing out as my heart was banging away. as There were countless times where I just couldn't get my breath. Yet all the while, these frightening experiences weren’t enough to make me quit at the time.

To this day, I will never know how I managed to not have a heart attack but without any doubt whatsoever, I do know for sure, that that my current state of health issues are directly due to my long-term cocaine addiction.

I include some of these personal experiences and memories purely to let you know that cocaine is without doubt - the Devil’s dandruff. Like I have stated so many times throughout this website, that I have never known a good ending from anyone that got involved with this poison. Out of all my old coke buddies, I am the only one that I ever knew to quit cocaine - except for the many pals I had that died through cocaine abuse.

If you are anything like I was and like to be generous with cocaine, then all you'll find are parasites instead of real friends. You'll have so many fair-weather friends that they'll be coming out of the woodwork. And when you run out of coke - these fly-by-night friends of yours will be gone as well!

So whether you use cocaine hydrochloride (powder-form) or crack cocaine (rock crystal form) - you'll wish you had never gone near it! Please take heed of my words. This is a plague that will ruin your life and hurt all those closest to you.

I hope you found this post on crack cocaine information helpful.

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