Cocaine -

The Devil's Dandruff


Cocaine Information You Need To Read!

Information about cocaine can be found in many places. It is probably best to find out about it from reliable sources but you can learn almost anything about what it is, how it affects us and what to do if you are already addicted to it.

I will have to say upfront right now, that if you're interested in trying cocaine for the first time and you want to know more about it; then just know this - if you have never used cocaine, then think yourself very lucky and avoid it like the plague because it is death! The information in this article can save your life!

Cocaine is seen as a social and/or recreational drug that is now so commonly used, that it's almost become acceptable and as a user, it will quickly make a huge hole in your wallet/purse. It can be taken in several ways but most commonly by snorting it up your nose.

Others smoke it as crack cocaine while some even inject it into their veins. Crack cocaine can easily be produced by simply washing it using bicarbonate of soda or baking soda.

How Do Cocaine Dealers Package Their Drugs?

Cocaine is usually sold in what's known as a 'wrap', which is a small envelope made with paper (many use lottery slips) with cocaine powder in it. Lately, more cocaine dealers are wrapping their cocaine deals in cling-film or tiny ball-shaped plastic bags.

Coke dealers do this so they can hide it down their bollocks to make it harder for the police to find on them and thus it saves it becoming damp and being absorbed, as it would do if it were in paper wraps. They can also swallow them if they get time before being strip searched. It can also be sold in rock-form - better known as crack.

When snorting cocaine, it enters the blood stream quickly through the mucus membranes and an almost instant effect is realised - depending on the amount, quality and strength of the drug. The effect of cocaine with first- timers will usually be more intense than for regular users. There are many different reactions to snorting or dabbing cocaine.

Some feel euphoric and happy while others may feel edgy, agitated and/or paranoid. You need to realise that the wrap of coke that you're using will often (if not always) be mixed with another drug such as speed or any number of substances (that’s a subject that I'll reveal to you in other posts). In almost all cases, it will be cut (mixed with other substances to make more money for the cocaine dealer).

Cocaine powder is usually sold as 0.5 gram or 1 gram wraps but never normally weighs that amount. Most users that buy cocaine from their coke dealer in wrap-form, will be lucky to get either 0.4 gram or 0.8 gram wraps. A cocaine dealer sells it underweight in order to make more money. A half gram wrap will normally sell from between £20 and £30 depending on the quality. Pub sniff usually sells on average of £20 and is normally cut to death.

What Are Users Really Snorting?

The real truth is that most users haven’t got a clue about what they’re shoving up their hooters. Most tend to believe that if they rub it on their gums and their teeth go numb, that the Charlie is good. What they don’t know is that in most cases, the Charlie is cut with novocaine or some other numbing agent.

A quick test to see if the coke is any good is to simply dab some from the wrap and rub it slowly between their thumb and forefinger. In the unlikely event it turns to oil and is absorbed into your skin, then the chances are that the gear is good. Mostly though, that will never happen!

Symptoms and Effects You Can Expect From Cocaine Abuse

Symptoms can be both physical and mental and may include heavier sweating due to increased body temperature, dilated pupils as well as an increased heart rate. After taking cocaine, a user can expect any of the above mentioned effects to last for a few minutes to more than an hour.

The risk of cocaine dependence happens quickly after only a few sessions, as it directly effects the reward pathway of a person's brain. Continued cocaine abuse comes with the increased chance of blood infection, heart attack, stroke as well as breathing problems if smoked. People that smoke cigarettes as well tend to smoke almost continuously in an unconscious attempt to slow themselves down. Many cocaine addicts also smoke marijuana and take Valium and/or Diazepam to help them to come down.

It soon becomes evident that after several cocaine sessions that users begin to feel both physically and mentally tired and now find it difficult to experience what they once took pleasure in. The brain is always trying to get to that first high that was experience in the beginning.

Even if you were to have pure cocaine (which you’ll never get) and continued to use that same quality over and over, your brain will need it to be even stronger in order to get the same effect.

Coke is well known for increasing sexual promiscuity and by all accounts it is evident that cocaine incites sexual immorality.

Common Street Names Used For Cocaine

Cocaine is known by many different names; some common UK names are:
  • Cocaine
  • Coke
  • Charlie
  • Chaz
  • Oats (Oats & Barley = Charlie)
  • Lulla
  • Bugle
  • Powder (Niki Lauda)
  • Line
  • Lash (Eye lash small line of cocaine)
  • Gear
  • Nose
  • Blow
  • Toot
  • Nose Candy
  • Dickie
  • Devil's Dandruff
  • Flake
  • Marching Powder
  • White

General Information About Cocaine

Cocaine is mainly cultivated and processed in South American countries like Peru, Columbia and Bolivia and grows as a coca leaf. More than 400 Kilograms were produced legally in 2013. The illegal sales of cocaine as a street drug is approximated at around 500 billion US dollars a year.

Cocaine is now the second-most habitually used street drug in the world today. On average, about 20 million people use cocaine annually and the biggest users are most definitely in North America, then in Europe and South America.

It has spread to just about every country on our planet. You might be surprised that in the developed world today, that roughly four percent of the population at some time will use cocaine! The number of cocaine related deaths has doubled since 1990.

The people of Peru have been using the coca leaves since the earliest times. Many chew on the leaf to help alleviate appetite. It was in 1860 when they initially separated cocaine from the coca leaf.

The use of cocaine as a recreational substance was made illegal by the international Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs as of 1961.
For more information regarding recreational use of cocaine being made a crime internationally, you can download the PDF here.

I hope you found this information about cocaine useful.