Can Long-Term Harmful Effects Caused By Cocaine Addiction Be Prevented?

by The Devil's Dandruff
Permanent Damage To Nostril By Snorting Cocaine
I suppose that what I'm about to tell you regarding the harmful cocaine addiction effects on both the brain and body will appear obvious to some while others may simply call it BS.

But I wish I'd known more about the adverse effects of what it was doing to my mind and health when I was addicted to cocaine. I was addicted to the drug for 16 years and although I have not used cocaine now for more than 10 years I have to say that I suffer badly with physical pain throughout my whole body.

For the past 10 years, I have had to take four different kinds of painkillers every day - 4 times a day. It's like rigamortis has set in - and I know that might sound funny (as my cousin laughs when I tell her) but seriously, that’s exactly how it feels. I have to do physio 3 times a day - every day or I literally seize up.

How I Ruined My Health By Using Cocaine

I was super fit before I ever started using cocaine and had never taken any kind of illicit street drug in my life before that. I had my own business and worked 14 - 16 hours a day. So, looking back, I would have to say that it was the daily cocaine addiction that has caused my present health dilemma. Surprisingly though, the fact that I was extremely fit and healthy before I became addicted to cocaine - I should have been dead a long time ago.

I was using more than 7 grams a day of practically pure cocaine (mostly flake), not like the shite pub sniff that people are buying that's been cut to death. I must admit, that apart from actually wanting my cocaine abuse to kill me at the time (I had had a bad accident at work and couldn't work at my profession anymore and suffered badly from depression after a breakdown and breakup with my money-grabbing, cheating old lady), I always thought that if somehow my addiction didn't put me in the ground; then I would certainly have to pay for the abuse I put my body through later on in life. Looks like I was right!

I still suffer badly with paranoia and insomnia. I suppose with regard to the paranoia part - I guess that some people are in fact talking about me. You know, as the old saying goes, "just because I'm paranoid - it doesn't mean they ain't out to get me". All jokes aside - it has messed me up badly. My focus and concentration is terrible and I'm knackered all the time. I also became extremely lethargic and lack aspiration. Where I was once a real 'go-getter', I have to push myself to do anything. If you are or have been addicted to cocaine as I have, then I'm sure that you are feeling some of these effects already.

Cocaine Will Drain Whatever Amount Of Money You Have!

I have never known of anything that can wipe out your bank account quicker than being addicted to cocaine. Even gamblers have a chance of making some money. That's a huge adverse effect of being addicted to Charlie. At one time, I had got into so much debt and dug a hole so deep, that I just couldn't get out of it. I actually asked my main cocaine dealer that I owed a lot of money, to put one in the back of my nut. Looking back now, I'm glad he laughed and told me that if it was anyone else that he didn't like, that he wouldn't have thought twice.

I cannot put into words the sheer depth of despondency and depression I was in. The adverse effects only got worse by the day while I was shovelling that brain-and-spirit killing cocaine up my nose. How my nose hasn't collapsed I’ll never know. Although' it burnt right through my cartilage. I hid my cocaine addiction from my kids (or at least I thought I had) for years and one day I had to just come clean. They already had an idea before I told them though!

I always felt guilty while I was taking doing coke. I suppose rightly so as well! Unlike other cocaine users that felt better for taking it, it had a totally opposite effect on me. I have always been a depressive since about age fourteen and so it would drastically accentuate my mood and all I ever mainly thought about was suicide. Being brought up as a strict devout catholic early in my life - suicide was a real no no! If my life was a living hell, then being sent to purgatory for an eternity was gonna be a lot worse.

My best friend had also been suffering from depression and ended up hanging himself. The effect of that had a really bad impact on me and although I felt a lot of anger towards him for not coming and speaking to me about his depression so that I might have been able to help him (as we seem to be better advice for others than we are for ourselves) - I was almost in envy of him, as he'd got the peace that I wanted.

My kids were my life. They were all I ever loved and cared about. I was unable to tell them why I was the way I was - but to be fair, I never spoke to anyone about issues I was having with depression. I ended up losing my kids - which was the worst thing that could have happened to me. Cocaine just made my depression so much worse. I look back now and don't know how I ever survived those terrible years of cocaine abuse and addiction.

The Harmful Effects of Cocaine

Why Would Anyone Take Cocaine If They Know It Ruins Lives?

I can understand why people take cocaine and/or any other mind altering drug. This world puts a boat-load of pressure on us at times. It's a constant battle of wants and desires. The advertisers are doing it to us all the time and it causes us to never be satisfied.

It's the wants that they create in us that causes us to want and need more money to get these things all the time. The pressure of living - trying to keep up with the bills and payments. The commitment to give our kids all the things that they see other kids with. No wonder people want to forget their problems and get out of their nuts by escaping the reality of all these never-ending worldly pressures of day-to-day living.

And guess what? Here comes your friendly, caring cocaine dealer to help you escape the reality of those real-life issues - ONLY to create even more problems in our lives.

But before I finish with this little story, I have to say that the governments make so much more money than our cocaine drug dealers. The biggest drug dealers are in fact the huge pharmaceutical companies that create drugs that are just as easy to get addicted to and in many cases even harder to quit!

Then there’s cigarettes and alcohol. All legalised drugs that kill people all over the world – year in and year out.

All I can say is that we humans do need a way to escape our reality at times – but not through addictions. The long-term, harmful effects of cocaine abuse is something that will be discovered as time goes on.

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