Addictions Aren’t Only Due To Cocaine And Illegal Drugs

by The Devil's Dandruff

Many Addictions Are Not Only Harmful - But Legal!

Different Types of Addictions
As strange as this might seem, especially as this site is focused on many facts, myths and general information on the subject of cocaine addiction, but I see that addictions seem to rule our lives in many ways apart from actually being addicted to cocaine and/or other illegal or prescribed drugs – take ‘sugar’ for instance.

It recently dawned on me how I found myself playing a game on my PlayStation and noticed after several hours that I was really hungry and yet as much as I wanted to get some grub down my neck - I was unable to quit playing the game.

As I completed one mission in the game, I just had to go on to the next in order to find out what surprises were in store for me. I realised how addictive this game was becoming and then got an idea of why these software companies make these games. Simply because they understand the psychology of human beings.

They realise, as do creators of so many products just how easy it is to make fortunes from consumers simply by providing them with products that help us to escape some of our everyday mundane lives. They understand what our needs are and create things that fill that void. It seems that it applies to just about everything.

Funny How What's Illegal Today Can Always Be Made Legal Tomorrow!

What bugs me isn't so much that we as a species can easily become addicted to almost anything - it's that governments (who I honestly see as being ‘the real gangsters’ that go to work in suits and ties and talk eloquently) cash in on everything that we as consumers purchase.

Take alcohol as an example. It was outlawed years ago, and made fortunes for anyone selling and distributing and bootlegging it on the black market. The law at that time imprisoned and killed people that they caught trading alcohol and yet behind closed doors - these government hypocrites who make our laws were pouring it down their scrags themselves. They only made it legal so as they could profit from it. We all know that it isn't really good for our health and that when taken in excess, that it causes people to become drunk and often violent. Yet it’s now legal!

Just take a look at the tobacco industry. It kills millions all over the world. When they first decided to sell cigarettes to us, they knew that there would be obstacles that would plight their vision simply because not only do smokers become extremely addicted to smoking cigarettes but they also stink and are the cause of many kinds of diseases that kill people.

But they're a clever and sneaky lot, and so they got people to associate smoking to 'being cool' - just like the movie stars. Who would think that people (as sensible as we think we are) would stick these tobacco sticks in our mouths, light them up and breath-in the disgusting, stinking smoke into our lungs and ruin our health, smelling rotten and spending our hard-earned to do it as well?
We tend to think that if we take prescribed drugs, that it's okay because they are deemed to be ‘legal'.

Who makes them legal?

Our governments do! And yet at one time not too long ago in the United States, more money was spent on Prozac and antidepressants in a year than was spent on their national defence budget.

This shows the need for this kind of drug, that as civilisation as we think we are today, we need to take anti-depressants to cope with life and all its pressures.

Governments make more money than we can imagine from people buying these 'legally prescribed drugs' but they aren’t quick to mention just how addictive they are. These prescribed drugs are in many cases no less addictive that cocaine; and in some cases – even more!
Addiction To Painkillers
I'm currently addicted to painkillers. I take four different types every day. I often try to get off of them but find the pain even worse than when I first started using them. My tolerance level to pain has severely diminished due to the need for these drugs that I've been taking for years. And the same goes for sleeping pills as well.

I was addicted to Zopliclone for almost 10 years. Even though I finally got off of them over a year ago, I still never sleep for more than an hour (at best) at a time if I'm lucky. My sleeping habits are now messed-up for life.

I’ve open my eyes to see that these huge conglomerates for what they really are - these massive pharmaceutical companies are in fact 'legal' drug dealers. They know how these drugs (that they create in their laboratories) will affect humans. They need us to be addicted to their products for repeat business!

It's the way to make money from us long-term. I even believe in my heart (even though this may seem paranoid), that these people create diseases as well as the antidotes, vaccines and treatments to profit 'big-time' from us over and over again. We all know that governments have secret underground labs for germ warfare! If they make germs that can kill us, then surely, they would make a vaccine for it as well!

We as humans, are addicted to TV programs, pornography, alcohol, gambling, certain genres of movies like horror, Sci-fi, virtual reality games and so the list goes on and is never-ending. It truly seems that there is a reason for this and I believe it's all to do with the pressure to 'survive'.

Apple bring out their latest iPhone and users flock to buy them. Then several months later, they update them and bring out a newer version with some new feature and so now people that own iPhones feel that their current phone is now obsolete. Creators of all these products do the same thing. They prey on our needs (which they actually create in us through advertising to us day and night).

Let’s face it, we can't answer our phones, switch on our TVs or radios without them advertising to us – they are brainwashing us and constantly telling us how we 'need' to buy their product and to make matters worse - they even create 'urgency' by adding countdown timers and limited-time offers as well!

All these kinds of businesses create these imaginary needs and thus prey on our addictive natures and personalities to buy their products. (Maybe that’s why they use the term, ‘goods’. To make us feel good?)

Is There Such a Thing As An Addictive Personality?

Cocaine Bargain Buckets – Buy Two and Get One Free!

I remember a small group of cocaine dealers in East London that must have been watching the adverts on TV (like the McDonalds ads) and suddenly had an epiphany. They began selling their Charlie in the form of 'bargain buckets'. If you bought two half grams of Charlie from them (instead of their competition) - you'd get half a gram free. It worked - even though their coke was jank. They simply worked on people's greed. Resellers and advertisers do it to us all the time - and it works.

Personally, I think it's just a matter of time before the governments of our world finally decide to cash-in on all (what's currently considered) ‘illegal drugs’ by making them legal. What's illegal today can and always be legal tomorrow! I think they will have to make it appear that their doing it ‘for our benefit’, so as to help them get over any moral hurdles.

Finally, to end this post (even though it may be off-topic) it should be mentioned that war has a history of killing people from the beginning of time. Governments are forever going on about how the illegal drugs trade is killing people all over our world and yet most world-leading nations create, manufacture and sell their 'weapons of death' without conscience.

To me, they are no better than the drug cartels that they wag their fingers at and cry out that they are the bad guys.

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