About Cocaine - The Devil's Dandruff Website

About Cocaine-The Devil's Dandruff Website
This cocaine website was created for those of you that are having problems with cocaine addiction or for those that just want to know what cocaine is about. I have tried to include as much information as I can about it but this is a subject that can continuously be added to – and I will add more information as time goes on.

The reason I decided to make this site is really because I honestly wish I’d known the dangers of cocaine abuse before I got involved with this highly addictive drug that adversely affects a person’s mind, body and spirit.

There are those that will tell you that what I’ve written here is all crap and that cocaine is just a harmless social drug that peps you up and makes you feel good and gives you more energy. That’s what I was lead to believe as well!

It turns out that cocaine ruins not only the user’s life (once addicted) but also the affects the lives of their family and close friends.
There are so many areas of a person’s life that cocaine adversely affects, that it’s very difficult to regain a person’s life once this drug has destroyed their life. I know this because I was the least-likely person to ever have tried cocaine let alone become addicted to it so badly, that I wished I was dead. If I thought my life had problems before using cocaine, I tell you this – that my life became a living nightmare once I got involved with this cocaine life and everyone involved with it.

For almost 10 years now, I have been totally cocaine-free! I don’t use any illegal or illicit drugs at all but I do take many prescribed medications because of the damage cocaine has done to my physical body. I suffered from depression before I ever took cocaine but once I got hooked on this Devil’s dandruff, my life became unliveable. It gave a whole new meaning to ‘depression’!

There will be cocaine dealers that will tell you that what I’ve written is a load of shit but that’s because they need to constantly add all the addicts they can on their list to keep making them money. But hopefully, after reading through this site, you’ll realise that coke dealers (or any drug dealers) are not your friends – they are parasites.

I’ve yet to see anyone that managed to get a grip on their cocaine use without it taking over their lives. It’s the same old story…

They start out with a few lines over the weekend, purely for socialising and they think it’s cool but the strange thing about humans (or any living organism) is that we quickly build up a resistance to anything and need more and more of it and stronger as well in order to chase that very first initial high. It’s like chili!

Anyone that likes spicy hot food (chili) will need it to be hotter and hotter over time, simply because they become tolerant to it and so it’s the same with cocaine. We need more and more of it in order for it to make us feel good. But the sad thing is, that after a while it no longer makes us feel good. Instead, it becomes a substance that we just have to have but without that initial kick that we first encountered with our first few hits.

Cocaine will take all your money and leave in badly in debt. It will take your energy, your health, your friends and possibly your life. And if you think I’m exaggerating, then you need to wake up to the reality of cocaine abuse. There’s never a good ending once you get addicted to cocaine.

Just look at the news, the gang-bangers, the violence, torture and murders that is the foundation of the cocaine industry and all those that are wasting away in prison cells for cocaine related crimes.

Throughout the posts on this site I have included a few short but true stories. There are so many that I may even write a book about them. But my main purpose for this website is to help people to avoid or quit using cocaine, so that they don’t have to ruin their lives like I did.

My so-called old coke pals shunned me because I quit using cocaine. As soon as I was no longer one of them, they hated me for it. There were a few that even made up lies about me just because they felt abandoned by me. I abandoned cocaine and anything or anyone that was involved with it in order to create a real life for myself but they were only jealous. The truth is that they don’t possess the will-power to quit smoking let alone quit cocaine. I had the will-power to quit - and I used it!

They were (and still are) unable to quit their cocaine addiction. Their lives are owned by this white powder. This white powder (cocaine) rules their lives! I never grassed on anyone and neither would I and yet the real reason that these so-called friends (that I at one time thought they were) just hated the fact that I was leaving them and their cocaine world of lies, pipe-dreams, violence and crime.

But strangely though, it turns out that I discovered that there were those that had been scruffed and were the very slags that were lollying-up their mates in order to keep their freedom. But their freedom comes at a cost, as they have to continue informing on their friends and coke dealers in order to keep out of jail.

I feel very lucky and fortunate to have escaped the clutches of cocaine and these shit bags that I once knew (that I thought were my friends) that all talked the ‘gangster and villain talk’ and yet behind closed doors, some of them would rat anyone out in a heartbeat to save their own skin. I’m so happy to have woke and opened my eyes and not be connected to that lot! I got my life back and it keeps getting better.

They give a whole new meaning to ‘fair weather friends’!

As an example, you know when you keep feeding pigeons how they keep coming back and shitting all over your window sill and as soon as you stop feeding them, they fuck off to find someone else to get fed for free and shit all over their sills. Well that’s what it’s like with these cocaine vultures. First thing they'd ask is not, "how are ya?" but instead would always be more like,"got anything onboard?" I had a bad addiction problem back then and was normally always holding and so they’d be all over me when I was handing out my Charlie and as soon as it was gone – so were they!

In This World There Are Givers and Takers

To be fair, more fool me! Looking back now, I can't blame them - but nevertheless, it revealed to me later on that these people were not my friends. I discovered that pub and Coke friends were completely different from real friends! It's always been my nature to share - it's the way I am but unfortunately, it's also the nature of many people to take.

Remember this... if you lie down with dogs - you'll get up with fleas!

I sincerely hope that the information on this website helps you to avoid and totally steer clear of anything or anyone to do with cocaine.

Peace and blessing!