A Brief Overview On Effects Of Cocaine Abuse

by The Devil's Dandruff

Adverse Effects From Using Cocaine Can Cause Permanent Damage

A Young Woman Displaying Cocaine Abuse
If you are new to using cocaine or even if you've been doing coke for some time, you can be sure that your cocaine dealer forgot to mention the harmful adverse side-effects of cocaine. As harmless and fun, as some may make it out to be - you must be fully aware that cocaine it ruins lives! Not just your own but those of your loved ones as well.

Apart from any euphoric feeling that it creates, it also causes damage to both your brain and your physical body. After prolonged cocaine use, it can create permanent damage to your health as well. If you are religious in any way, then you need to know that it can also rob you of your spirit. Those of you that have been addicted to cocaine will know and understand exactly what I mean by that and how it has affected you.

How Quickly Does It Take To Be Addicted To Cocaine?

The reasons for a person to become addicted to cocaine are all too many. Most people start out by just trying at the weekend while socialising.

Depending upon an individual's constitution, physical make-up and whether he/she has an addictive personality will play an important part in how long a person will become addicted to cocaine.

It also depends on the quality of the cocaine as well. I tend to see many people getting addicted within a month or two - but it does vary!

Once addiction to cocaine is established, then it rapidly takes hold of them. Socialising from now on will always include that they make sure that they get their coke on-board for the night, as a night out for them without Charlie will be one of wanting!

They will normally order their Lulla in advance to make sure that they don't end up empty-handed. When cocaine is scarce, those that have it will usually keep schtum, so as not to get caught doing a sneaky lash and then having to share it.

When cocaine addiction really gets it's hold on someone, that person will tend to start doing it on their own at home in private, so as to keep it all for themselves. The last thing they want is to be giving out free lines of Chaz in a pub kharzi to the vulture squadron (the ponces).

They also need more of it and so will normally buy it in larger amounts like a Henry (1/8th - 'Henry The Eight') or a Farmer's (1/4 - 'Farmer's Daughter') instead of buying git in single wraps (that are under-weight) and will expect it to be better quality as well.

A Sneaky Coke Dealer Trick

My experience shows that many savvy cocaine dealers use two different pockets with different quality cocaine in each of them.

One pocket has a higher quality of cocaine, while the other is bashed severely. These cocaine dealers will initially give newcomers to the drug the good gear, so that they can get hooked on it quicker. So, the more a coke dealer can get people hooked on coke - the more Charlie he can sell to them and thus make more money.

Normally at the end of the night in pubs and clubs when the users have consumed plenty of alcohol, the cocaine dealer will then sell them the shit from the other pocket, knowing that most of them won't know the difference. They will probably be intoxicated whereby they won't get hardly any effect from the coke at all.

I should mention that the coke dealer's pocket containing the shite parcels will often be cut with speed (or whiz) to perk them up. I've known countless coke dealers to cut their cocaine with speed. This makes them alert and talk a lot. It also gives them what's well known as, 'cocaine-jaw', where you see coke users constantly moving their jaw from side to side. Many try to mask it by chewing gum.

What Are Some Of The Side-Effects of Cocaine Abuse?

There are numerous side-effects proven to be caused by cocaine abuse that coke addicts suffer from and some of these destroy friendships and relationships with family and also in business, which can be long-lasting and even irreparable. Personalities and character traits are changed by cocaine use and never for better - only worse!

Both mental and physical changes can be noticed in just a short period of taking cocaine. Mental and physical fatigue and lethargy set in within a few short months. The addiction takes hold of users very quickly and more coke is needed in order to reach highs that no longer can be attained. It's not long before the addiction does so much makes a user high anymore - it's more of a hunger that needs to be satisfied. It soon becomes an itch that you just cannot scratch!

When a person is under the influence of cocaine, levels of dopamine are increased within their brain, which often causes their friends and immediate family to walk on eggshells around them -which is due to the addicts contorted and manipulating way of thinking.

It's often the case that their addiction to cocaine adversely affects all those close to him/her and relationships start to decline rapidly due to the drug user's habit becoming unmanageable.

This Young Man Spends £1200 On A 4-Day Cocaine Binge!

The effects of cocaine addiction also effect the person's nervous system causing them to become edgy, quick-tempered and irrational.

Together with their intensified emotional behaviour, user’s expectations will be greatly exaggerated and convince themselves that they can find the money to pay for their cocaine debts, while in fact they will be totally unable to fulfil any promises they make (which is well known as 'toilet talk'), as that's exactly where their idle promises belong.
It's almost always the case that the user contacts other cocaine dealers and endeavours to create trust quickly with them in order to get bail (known as 'light ale'), which means to get it laid on - getting the coke now and paying for it at later date. Cocaine addicts acquire several sources to get their cocaine but always end up robbing Peter to Pay Paul until they cannot pay any of them anymore. They start to sell their personal property until they have nothing left to barter with and then turn to crime.

Sadly, though, while they are high on cocaine, they actually believe that all the 'toilet talk' that pours from their mouths is doable. Their physical and mental deterioration begins to show in the workplace and it's not long before they are unable to do their work efficiently and usually find themselves on the dole looking for another job. This in turn makes matters so much worse in all areas of their lives and it's not long before they become homeless and/or often get into criminal activity; which often is the beginnings of becoming a drug dealer themselves.

If this all sounds overboard - believe me is isn't. If and when it gets to the point that they cannot pay - then often times violence ensues!

Of course, the desired effect of taking cocaine is to get high; to feel good. The sad thing is, that after the 'highs' come the 'lows'. If ever the user was lacking confidence before becoming addicted to cocaine, then these 'lows' will kick out anything left of their self-confidence and self-esteem that that may have. Depression comes with these low moods and becomes ever more increasingly worse. Often, it's the case that thoughts of suicide become the norm.

A common effect that cocaine addicts are subject to are breaking down and crying for what might appear to be 'no apparent reason'. A user might be watching an advert on the TV and simply feel the need to cry. When this continues for a year or so, it gets to the point that the coke user can no longer cry. They just feel totally empty and their feelings can become numb.

The problem with feeling so low and depressed causes them to want more cocaine simply because they cannot bear the terrible effects of feeling so lowly. It gets to the point whereby the cocaine addict becomes detached from normal everyday life.

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