Cocaine -

The Devil's Dandruff

Cocaine has managed to creep into every corner of our world and is now so out of control,
that it's become a global plague, and is a catalyst for crime!

Cocaine Is The Devil's Dandruff

Cocaine Addiction Is On The Increase Globally

This web site is about the adverse-effects of cocaine addiction (the Devil's Dandruff) and how it totally destroys the quality of our lives and hurts all those close to us. It will also offer suggestions for those that are currently battling with their cocaine addiction problem by providing some proven methods by which they can escape this life-destroying pandemic.

Cocaine has certainly become an ever-increasing global problem that is now totally out of control and can be found in almost any (if not all) countries on our planet - and there currently seems to be no way of stopping it.

The enormous amount of money that is made from the production and distribution of this illegal and highly addictive street drug is enough to bribe any official to look-the-other-way when it is being trafficked.

As Pablo Escobar was once renowned for his saying, "plata o plomo" (silver or lead) Meaning, they can either take money for bribes or get shot dead! Hundreds of state officials, policemen and civilians were murdered during his reign and the violence and crimes still continue throughout our world today because of cocaine addiction.

You might wonder why it is also known as "the Devil's Dandruff" and that's because in a biblical sense, it is the way that the Devil can get humans to basically become base animals that are not only immoral but will also commit almost any crime (once addicted to cocaine) to get the drug. I guess it's the Devil's way of getting man to sin and become one of his servants by entering into un-Godlike perversions. If the Devil truly exists, then cocaine may well be his way to turn us away from God.

By the way, this website isn't about becoming religious in any way - moreover, it's about cocaine effects and the consequences of being addicted to this life-destroying drug and so as far as religion goes - it definitely doesn't abide with any religion that I know of anywhere on our planet!

It's Downhill All The Way Once You Start Using Cocaine!

This web site is based on my real life experiences with cocaine addiction and how I have witnessed the demise of once decent human beings into base creatures, thieves, liars and violent criminals directly associated with cocaine addiction.

There may be some readers that won't like the cocaine stories that are mentioned here and I certainly don't expect any cocaine dealer to like what I write - but it will contain true facts about cocaine life.

So, before I continue, I must tell you in advance that through my experience with cocaine for almost 16 years, that my advice to anyone thinking about trying cocaine or for those already using cocaine to steer clear of it, as cocaine ruins lives - period!

I have never seen a good ending with anyone that either used cocaine or sold it - or both. I've lost a few close friends and I've known so many people that are now dead because of it - either because of cocaine overdose or because they were killed in fights or have been murdered because of it.

No Harm In A Few Lines Of Coke
At The Weekend - Eh?

That's exactly what most people with cocaine addiction might have believed before their lives went down the toilet!

To begin with - cocaine might seem like it's a harmless, sociable weekend drug to get a quick high. But that's far from the truth and guess what - that high doesn't last. If you ever had high-grade (uncut or undamaged) Charlie then you'll always be trying to reach that high again (without even realizing it) - but the honest fact is - you won't get it even at that quality! Most cocaine users will never get a sniff of anything more than 40% - 50% anyway! (Excuse the pun!)

By the way, I hate to upset some of you weekend cocaine sniffers in the United Kingdom - but UK pub sniff is on average 25% cocaine at best!

In a later post, I'm going to reveal some of the harmful shit most coke dealers are cutting/mixing in with the cocaine that cocaine users are shoving up their noses - and/or dabbing it and putting it in their mouths. Seriously, you're going to be horrified! You won't believe some of the dangerous chemicals and drugs that cocaine dealers will cut your cocaine with in order to make more money! This website offers vital cocaine information that people really need to be aware of.

As the saying goes, "the money's in the cut!"

Some of the crap that you're shoveling up your noses ain't even cocaine - it's synthetic cocaine! So, if you're paying £20 - £25 for 'half a gram' of moody gear, then you might consider getting your head tested! In a lot of cases - when people snort pub-standard cocaine and think they're getting a 'high' - it's usually more of a placebo effect.

You could well be better off paying a decent shrink £25 for half an hour's worth of counseling to understand the reason why you need to snort that 'brain cell killer'.

If you get 'cocaine jaw', then it's likely that your cocaine is cut with whizz (speed), which you'll notice makes you talk a load of bollocks, gives an Anadin a headache while your jaw goes from side-to-side - as well as keeps you awake all night!

You might buy a gram (or more like 0.7g and stamped on) and take it home with a 6-pack and a packet of cigarettes and before you know it - it's all gone! So, you just end up clucking like a nutter and likely be making desperate phone calls to your dealers all hours of the night trying to get more Charlie onboard - and then IF they turn up - it'll probably be shite anyway … and like a right mug - you'll still buy it!

Is that MENTAL or what?

It's so unbelievably crazy how this white powder can turn us into weak-willed cocaine addicts! Cabbages have got more sense!

We all know that cocaine addiction is harmful to our health but what I really find hard to understand is how all those people (that take pride in their appearance) will get all spruced-up and put on their best clobber on a Friday night, then go out and resort to snorting and dabbing cocaine off of a filthy, shitty and pissed-on (and very often spewed-on) toilet seat in a pub! Can you imagine the kind of germs and bacteria your putting into your bodies through your nose and mouth? And people wonder why they get sore throats and the trots the next day!

It all starts out as a weekend social bit of fun and soon becomes a habit. The story is always the same. You start by buying a little half a gram wrap (more like point 3 or 4 and cut to death as well) and then soon work up to a gram and more.

Before long, you start getting fussy and feel it's better to fork out more for coke that is higher quality (or should I say, "less damaged") - then start getting it on bail and getting into debt. You make up lies about how you can pay for it tomorrow and end up buying an Henry, cutting it and selling it to your mates to pay for your own habit. From then on, it just gets worse and it's downhill all the way!

Has She Any Idea What It's Cut With?

Woman snorting cocaine

The Truth About Your Friend -
Your Cocaine Drug Dealer!

You might think that your cocaine dealer/s are your friends - but we all need to wake up to one of the cocaine facts of life, that they are in reality, just useless parasites living off your cocaine habit and ruining your life and they don't give a flying fart about the harm it's doing you or the people that are close to you!

• Cocaine dealers ain't your friends!

• Cocaine dealers both want and need you to be addicted to cocaine!

• Without YOU, cocaine dealers would have to get a real job!

Many cocaine drug pushers need YOU to pay for their own habit or to pay for their flashy life styles. Believe me - COCAINE DEALERS THRIVE ON PEOPLE'S COCAINE ADDICTION!

Why do you think they give you credit and wait to the end of the month for you to pay them? Maybe it's because they really like you? Then why not give it to you for nothing then?

• For starters, the more cocaine they have hanging around them - the more of it they snort themselves! Then they have to step on it (cut it EVEN more) to make up for what they've sniffed.

• If they don't let you have credit (or bail - 'light ale') because you ain't got the money there and then to pay for it - then they have it hanging around them and not making any money. So, it makes sense for them to take what you owe them in one lump at the end of the month when you get paid!

That's why your cocaine dealer gives you credit - NOT BECAUSE HE'S YOUR FRIEND OR HE LIKES YOU! They come collecting from you at the end of each month and you do the same thing all over again. Your money is never your own.

Often times when it comes to paying up and you're short of the readies, you might then go to another dealer in order try to avoid the one you already owe. Then the drug dealer that you owe money to finds out that apart from avoiding paying him and not answering his phone calls - he discovers that you've started buying your cocaine from another dealer - and that's when things get nasty and the threats and violence begins!

So, you end up robbing Peter to pay Paul or borrowing money from everyone and his brother in order to get yourself out of shtook. You start selling stuff to pay for what you owe and/or worse still - you turn to crime and probably start selling it yourself.

It doesn't take long before your REAL friends turn their backs on you - (especially if you've borrowed money from them because of your cocaine habit) and you still owe them. And if it hasn't happened to you already - then it probably will!

I know cocaine dealers that have been dealing coke for years and yet they're still getting it laid-on! You'd think that after all that time they'd have made enough money to pay for it up front by now - but their personal cocaine habit and their 'splashing it about in the boozers' (in order to get you ON IT) and 'giving it large' will never allow them to get in front - no matter how many ounces of cocaine they call on.

The Truth About Cocaine

Joe's Cocaine Addiction Story

Why Is Cocaine Referred To As
The 'Devil's Dandruff'?

Well although cocaine maybe one of the world's most profitable commodities (more likely for the cartels), it is also a catalyst for almost every crime in our world today!

And with regards to why cocaine is sometimes referred to as "the Devil's Dandruff" it is because it's supposed to literally be the dandruff from the Devil - and he is using it so he can win his war against God by creating as many sinners as he can to follow him in his ways to take to Hell with him in the final days (or the Day of Judgement). And who knows - it might just be true!

I've heard so many people saying how they are desperate to quit their cocaine addiction and how they want to get their lives back. But here's the sad thing about most of these cocaine addicts…

They say that they want to escape the clutches of the cocaine world but aren't willing to do anything about it. It's just idle wish. They expect others to do it for them and they aren't willing to pay for help - yet they'll always find the money to pay for more cocaine!

They knowingly get themselves into very dangerous situations, whereby they can get seriously physically hurt because they can no longer afford to pay for cocaine that they got on credit from their coke dealers - and yet sadly, won't consider taking out a loan to go into a cocaine rehab program to change the destiny of their future lives.

I personally know people that have sniffed and smoked more than £120,000 worth of Lulla in a month. One of them is (or rather was) a prolific blagger (armed bank robber) but is now banged-up in prison doing two life sentences for murder. He would have laughed at me if I'd even suggested that he pay to go into cocaine drug rehabilitation program. I bet while he's sat wasting away in his cold cell, that he'd like to turn-back-the-clock and have that opportunity now though!

I personally know of countless old friends and associates who have lost EVERYTHING because of their cocaine habit. They lost their partners, homes and businesses and are now destitute.

Believe it or not, some of the high earners I knew were business owners, lawyers and commodity brokers (to name but a few) who once earned fortunes and are now pot-less and unemployable.

Some lost their jobs by being caught out due to random drug tests conducted by their companies and were found to be cocaine positive. This can happen to you as well! Just imagine what would happen if you were to lose your profession; your livelihood and become unable to fend for yourself and/or your family - all due to your cocaine addiction?

The thought of quitting cocaine never entered their minds. Some of these people are now either poverty stricken losers serving prison sentences, living in hostels, sofa-surfing or are dead. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, that I never heard of a good ending when it came to anyone with an addiction to cocaine.

And the same applies to the cocaine dealers. Some make a lot of money while others just manage to fund their coke habit. But when they get grassed-up or severely scruffed - those dealers that have flashy cars (a post card to the police and everyone - HEY LOOK AT ME - I'M A BIG-TIME DRUG DEALER!) and nice homes etc purchased through their drug-pushing proceeds lose it all and often get banged-up in prison to add to it. So all the money they made is either spent or taken away along with their flashy possessions.

The law here in the UK used to be that anything purchased within the last 6 years that could not be shown as being purchased through illegal gains could be confiscated. And the Old Bill just love that. There ain't nothing that makes a copper more happy than to see a drug dealer getting scruffed, bang-up and then lose everything. Many Coppers are a jealous bunch of cowardly bullies at the best of times that would have been crooks themselves - if only they had the bollocks to go that route.

And yet, it's a fact that some police are cocaine users as well! I've personally known a drug enforcement officer and police that use and are addicted to cocaine!

Lastly, I need to say that this website is to help those that want to escape their cocaine addiction and/or for anyone concerned about someone they know that is addicted to cocaine and wishes to help them.

I have many old friends and acquaintances who have no desire to ever quit using cocaine - simply because the love it and would never even dream that they are addicted to it - and that's their prerogative!

I remember saying to one of my old pub mates about 10 years ago on New Years eve that I was going to quit the 'carpet and rugs' (drugs) for good and his reply was, "I hope you fail!"

I guess that's either because he didn't want me to leave the scene (especially as he was always poncing off me and got regular free coke nights when hanging out with me) or if it was because he wanted to quit using cocaine himself but simply didn't have the will to do it - and so wanted me to continue being like him with a permanent cocaine addiction!

Well that was 10 years ago and I have never used cocaine (or any other street drug) since. I count myself very fortunate to have broken free of my cocaine life and to have done it totally without any kind of cocaine addiction treatment as well. I have no desire to ever want or need cocaine in my life and I know I'll never use it again! So, I didn't fail as he wanted me to but instead - I escaped that way of life and completely quit using cocaine for good but sadly, he's still bang on it!

Lastly, before reading on, there are posts on this website that show horrific images and descriptions of the real violence, murders and dismembered body parts, as well as corruption that is the foundation of the cocaine industry. It's probably the last thing that anyone would be aware of or thinking about while on their cocaine buzz!

While I was researching, I accidentally and unfortunately stumbled on a beheading of a young woman that was carried out by the Los Zetas, I saw the real evil, dark and sadistic side to what the cocaine trade is truly all about. It's not just how it corrupts and ruins lives - it's the horrifying violence, torture and murder that appears to be at the very foundation of the cocaine industry.



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