Cocaine -

The Devil's Dandruff


Do Not Be Fooled By Cocaine Addiction Treatment To Escape Drug Dependency

This is a general guide for those that are seriously in need of cocaine addiction treatment. But before I continue, I feel that I need to be ruthlessly honest with you regarding starting any treatment for addiction to cocaine.

Through real life experience and living my former life as a 7 day a week cocaine addict that was surrounded by almost every person in my life at that time that was also heavily into cocaine – I have not seen any long-term success with anyone that went into rehab to treat their cocaine addiction.

Why? Well before I state the reason why, I should say that those that did go into rehabilitation for their cocaine habit did in fact stop using cocaine – but only for a matter of months and sometimes only weeks.

Now here’s the reason why I believe most cocaine addiction treatment fails…

I found this to be consistent in every case, that all those I knew that actually completed their in-house rehab treatment for cocaine addiction always returned back to their old environment. And it should be emphasized, that ‘a person cannot be in an environment without being a part of it’.

The reason is that the influence of the environment (or rather the associations they have with others – especially if they do drugs) is way too strong for anyone to not do what the people that they associate with do. So by socializing in any way with the old coke snorting crowd, it’s almost impossible to not get back on it as well!

So before I run through what’s involved with cocaine addiction treatment, here’s my one piece of advice that worked for me and I haven’t known of any of my former friends (coke buddies) to do it; it truly is a drastic life-changing move and can also be a bit scary as well…
That’s it! That’s my secret method of quitting and escaping cocaine addiction. I realize that it’s not an easy road to take and 99% of anyone addicted to cocaine that plays with the idea of quitting cocaine will never succeed forever. Sorry – but that’s the rub!

The decision I made was not a half-hearted effort. I didn’t say to myself that I would ‘give it a good go’ or ‘I’ll try my best to quit using cocaine’ or ‘I’ll go into rehab and if I do start using cocaine again – at least I can tell everyone that I did at least try by going into rehab but it just didn’t work’ – because to me, that’s just a cop out. To me. they’re just weak excuses!

Cocaine is so addictive – it really is. I even used to dream about it. It was my everyday life and my one desire. I couldn’t get enough of it – and I’m not talking about the shite that comes in a wrap that’s been severely trod on in pubs and the like, I’m talking about pure flake. If I hadn’t made the life-changing decision to quit for good, then I know for sure that I wouldn’t be here writing this; as I would certainly have committed suicide. No dramas – that’s the truth plain and simple!

I used to pray to God for me to be dead by the end of the week. I got into so much debt that I had serious drug firms that would like to have switched me off. The problem was that the top guys like me. I even asked one of them to stick one in the back of my nut – but he laughed saying, “he’d have no problem doing it to someone that he didn’t like!”

It got to the point that I hated myself for doing it and knew in my heart that I was worth way more than I demonstrating. My advice for anyone that absolutely wants to quit using cocaine for good is to look at all the bad that is attached to it.

Contemplate On The Following Bullet Points To See Where You’re Possibly Heading…

  • How it affects you and others.
  • What the people you love now think about you.
  • Where you’re going in life if you keep doing it.
  • Where’s the money coming from and can you keep your job and afford to buy it or do you need to turn to crime to support your habit.
  • Maybe you’ll also attempt to sell it to support your coke habit – but I tell you this…
Here is a short walkthrough on what to expect when someone first seeks treatment for cocaine addiction. Remember though, that is exactly that, "treatment" and not a '"cure"; as that totally depends on you!
1. Admit to yourself that you have a cocaine addiction problem,
2. Make an appointment with your GP and get referred,
3. Take an examination at your assessment,
4. Understand the treatment program that is outlined and commit to it fully!
1. The very fact that you need help with cocaine addiction shows that you recognise that it is adversely affecting various aspects of your life. You may notice that you lack drive and become lethargic. Maybe you have lost interest in things that once made you happy or find that it's affecting your job. It usually becomes apparent that you begin to lack money or possibly you've gotten into debt because of your drug habit. There is also a strong chance that it has now creating difficulties in your relationships or you may even have been caught by police and charged.

2. Depending on your financial status and what way you intend to get the treatment could mean that you approach a private drug addiction clinic for treatment for cocaine addiction or you may decide to get referred by your GP and through the NHS for free (if you live in the UK If you decide to go privately, then my advice is to ask your GP to recommend a reputable drug rehab clinic.

3. It will be necessary for you to be totally honest when talking about your cocaine habit with your doctor, various other professional health experts or a qualified substance abuse worker before you can get started. That way they can determine the best route to take and thus design a program that is ideal for you as well as taking in consideration any other health issue you may have. Your personal treatment plan may be adjusted over the course of your therapy for both the present and also long-term.

4. As part of the process, you will be required to have one-to-one as well as group therapy in order that they can better understand your circumstances and reasons for using cocaine. There are several treatment options which can be tailored to your specific drug dependency condition. Depending on your specific needs, medicinal drugs may also be prescribed.

One-to-one counselling will include discovering the causes for your using cocaine and provide you with methods that can help you to resist taking them in the future, as well as how to avoid being in a situation where you can relapse. You'll be introduced to tools that will help to both motivate you and also inspire you. Setting goals and working on your self-confidence and self-esteem also play a big part of the rehabilitation treatment.

Lifestyle changes are key to recovering from one's cocaine addiction. This is what I mentioned earlier, that the desire and commitment must be to never use cocaine again. The goal here is, 'long-term abstinence’. There is no 'trying' - there must only be an attitude of 'do or do not'!

Moving away from your old haunts and mixing with and making new friends that lead a drug-free life is the way to go here. Joining a gym and/or taking up some kind of sport is ideal. Joining communities or groups like Cocaine Anonymous (CA) will help you stay true to your new drug-free life and give you the support you need as well. All this information will be provided for you during your cocaine rehabilitation process.

You might initially go into a residential rehab clinic for several months, which is a great way to get clean and also to be out of the environment where you have been using cocaine. It may be that after you complete your treatment, that you then attend a drug rehabilitation center as a day patient locally to where you currently live. Every person's situation will be uniquely different, and so the best course of action will be provided as is deemed right for them.

I strongly suggest that you get professional advice by first making an appointment with your doctor for a recommended guide to cocaine addiction treatment. The first part of recovery from your cocaine addiction is to recognise that you have a problem with drug abuse. Most people I know that are dependent on cocaine would never dream of thinking that they do in fact have a drug problem They actually believe that they could stop using coke anytime they wish. But of course they don't wish to!

This is what I have known to be true every time and why I suggest to ‘not’ try quitting by yourself … that if a cocaine addict tries to quit on their own without any professionally guided help, then they will always fail 99.9999% of the time. Here's the thing though - that every time they attempt to quit by themselves and fail, they are actually creating and building a 'habit' of failing and will never succeed in successfully quitting and escaping the clutches of cocaine addiction.